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Thursday, 10 March 2016 13:52

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Is there really a pretender in Zamboanga City who claims he/she is an anointee of the Senator Grace Poe and Vice Presidential frontrunner Senator Francis Escudero tandem?

Question is asked because according to television anchorman Nonie Dondoyano, Team Galing at Puso had to contact its propaganda arm here to dispel such claim, reiterating its stand announced during its campaign sortie here that its only candidate here is opposition bet Monsi Dela Cruz, who is challenging Rep. Celso L. Lobregat for the congressional seat in Dist. 1.

Meanwhile, already in  disarray, further division in the supposedly coalesced LDP-LP is brewing. There can be no doubt the Lobregat and Climaco-Salazar factions are on a head-to-head collision, with no conciliation in sight - as a Climaco insider says - their standard bearer is grumbling because the party hierarchy is more inclined to lending ears to Lobregat.

So, just how  the LDP-LP coalition would move when the Mar Roxas-Leni Robredo team - that the split factions jointly support is a puzzling scenario.

Voila! And one other issue is afoot. A known personality within the Poe-Escudero team, on condition of anonymity, said the Poe-Escudero tandem is also inclined to support incumbent District 2 Congressional candidate Lilia Nuno, adding that the proper endorsement will be made soon.

How true, is beyond us.

But such possibility of a lamentable situation may create intrigues within the Lobregat wing. It would be hard to fathom how Lobregat would react to such a set-up when the split factions are supporting different candidates in the mayorship vice-mayorship and congressional fields.

* * * *

The Supreme Court has allowed Sen. Grace Poe to run as President.

One angle here baffles Sound Snipings (SS). Got wind of it only yesterday, when SS was already seeing print and posted on timelines.

So, this angle is touched on only today. Proven reliable, sources in SC came out with scuttlebutts that close associates of the administration-backed Liberal Party (LP) were offering P50 million to each magistrate who will vote for the disqualification of Poe as a candidate, and that the offer had no takers.

It so happened, early on, an article written by ex-Sen. and Information officer Kit Tatad missed the eye of SS.

Tatad, in his column, was slamming Aquino on the reverse mode relative to the bribery talks.

He said Aquino was sending the country into the brink of disaster by meddling in the judicial affairs. He was claiming that an Aquino man was dangling P50 million each in reverse motion, and that is allow Poe to run.

How would you then assess the move?

To SS, following the Tatad version, it just might be that the “bribery attempt” that the sources easily took note of was an outward or overt act to mislead the media.

So, the Aquino hand now comes out clean.

The Tatad version so speaks well of it. Just a thought, folks.

* * * *

On one hand though is a bright side on the Poe qualification. Don’t you think so? Her positive entry into the race, virtually erased the complications that would have arisen with a disqualification vote.

Written as her name already is on the ballot, she could be voted upon and as already programmed, the electronically-run Vote Counting Machines (VCRs) would have just same counted her votes.

Imagine then what would have happened, considering the Filipino propensity to go for sympathy and/or protest votes, Poe wins. Mayhem!

* * * *

But that’s not the end of the line on that matter. One more issue had arisen. Good and bad news.

The good news - The Supreme Court (SC), in a unanimous ruling, mandated the poll body to enable the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) feature of the vote counting machines (VCMs) to be used for the polls. The SC  ordered the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to issue receipts to voters during the May 9, 2016 elections.

The bad news - The possible postponement of the elections looms. Earlier on, Comelec Chair Andres Bautista stressed, the procured VCRs are incompatible with the VVPAT.

See the possibility? The machines may have to be re-programmed, at the least, and even changed, at the most. Poser. Aware that the Automated Election Law (AEL) mandates the use of four safety features, why did Comelec procure incompatible machines?

One likely valid reason only , cheating was a primordial obsession.

* * * *

Is the EDSA revolution the noose by which Sen . Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. is to be hanged?

Survey sez... NO!

Marcos Jr. topped a Pulse Asia survey taken during the week when the nation was celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 1986 people power revolt.

With the rites glittering in media outlets, EDSA was fresh in the people’s minds, yet for the first time ever, Marcos dislodged rival Chiz Escudero from the top slot.

And another rival Leni Robredo was all the time correct in saying the numbers game makes Marcos the man to beat, and not Escudero, whose rating dipped some more, This time by three percent.

The survey was commissioned by ABS-CBN. And we know that giant network is not happy with Marcos, the father.

* * * *

Down in in the ratings game, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas appears in a fighting mood, as he assailed his rivals for what he termed as their 180-degree turn on their stand for the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program.

Roxas said that in the past, some politicians have been aggressively questioning and blocking the expansion of the CCT, or locally known as the 4Ps (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program), accusing government of either tolerating the habit of begging or injecting politics in the program.

“And all of sudden, they are saying now that they will support the 4Ps, they will continue the 4Ps, and they will expand the 4Ps,” said Roxas.

The shift in stand of some of the presidential candidates, he said, is attributed to the recent survey result, saying 80 percent of the Filipinos would vote for the candidates who will continue the 4Ps.

He added, all the other candidates – Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senator Grace Poe, and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte – now say, they will continue and expand the 4Ps.

“That is not how leadership is about. Leadership entails a firm stand on an issue, leadership has clear programs,” said Roxas. (With MB reports)

* * * *

China remains adamant on its claims to virtually all the South China Sea, saying Beijing won’t permit other nations to infringe on what it considers its sovereign rights in the strategically vital area.

Minister Wang Yi, speaking to reporters at an annual news conference in Beijing, said that other nation’s claim to freedom of navigation in the region didn’t give it the right to do whatever it wanted - an apparent reference to the United States, which had sent naval ships past reefs where China had engaged in island-building.

Wang also sought to deflect allegations China was militarizing the region by building military facilities on the artificial islands. (MB-fed)