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Sunday, 13 March 2016 14:05


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Almost everyday there are suspected drug pushers falling into the hands of PDEA operatives and other law enforcers assigned in the anti-drug campaign.

Based on radio news reports every morning in this city, arrested transgressors include people from all walks of life, young and old, and even minors who are involved in peddling the dangerous substance known as shabu. Same is true in other cities and towns in the country where the proliferation of illegal drugs is so rampant.

As a result of the relentless campaign in drug-infested barangays within the city perimeter, City Jail Warden Julius Arro has conveyed to the city government the urgent need for a new building inside the jail compound to decongest the prison cells. The warden revealed that presently the situation in each cell is no longer conducive for human beings to live because where the capacity is supposed to be 50 persons only, is actually triple or more inmates are crammed inside. Due to the congestion, the heat emitted by their own bodies alone is enough to squeeze out their breath, such as cardiac disorder. Likewise the danger of some illnesses like respiratory ailment, skin infection and allergies, etc. Although they are guilty for whatever wrongdoings or infraction of the law committed, he explained, still they are entitled to protection against abuses and inhumane treatment under the Constitution.

Records showed that over 80 percent of the local inmates incarcerated are guilty of or accused of violation of the Comprehensive Anti Illegal Drugs Act of 2002. While the government authorities are trying to eradicate the drug problem in our society, we are facing the serious problem of congestion in the city’s reformatory center.

Very recently the active jail chief heaped a deep sigh of relief when he was informed that City Hall  has already responded to his request for a new and bigger buiiding to house his office and all drug offenders. Mayor Ben Climaco-Salazar offered a few places for selection and he chose the lot in Calarain because of the military installations in the area which will in any way offset the security needs of the proposed reformatory site.

However, solving the congestion problem in the reformatory cells is not the end of the issue. The whole illegal drug trade  is the main issue. Arresting the pushers and peddlers, then imprison them is not enought. Neither apprehending the drug users and dependents will do. What we mean, if the drug menace is an octopus, cutting only the tentacles is not enough. Cut its head. It is the only way to kill it completely.

A special report disclosed that there are students in big schools and colleges using drugs and some of them have already left school clinging to shattered future. From police records, many minors were involved in petty crimes and majority of them were found out either sniffing solvent or using marijuana or shabu. What will happen to this country if more and more from the youth sector are driven crazy into this world of illusion and hallucination?

According to feedbacks from avid readers, Congress should pass a law directing the PNP and other law enforcement agencies including unit from the military or SAF to run after all drug lords, local and foreign, inside our country with the heaviest penalty meted out on those found guilty. Death penalty should be considered. The law should be strictly implemented and enforced. Anyone in the government services, be a law enforcer or a prosecutor, if found guilty should be penalized and imprisoned. Those armed and showing resistance against government authorities should be dealt with iron fist policy,. Give them a dose of their own medicine, as they say.

No one is above the law. The Philippines should be a drug-free country, the united voice from all sectors of society shrieking in the air.