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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 14:58


BY Sarita Sebastian


It took me awhile to decide to write  my thoughts about the observance of the Lenten Season.  I’m pretty hesitant, for fear that I may write something that will make other people raise their eyebrows to the highest altitude.

Be that as it may, I still insist, because for one, a lot of people seem to be suffering from temporary amnesia for  they tend to forget the true essence of Lent. I am not a Madre Superiora , but I grew up in a catholic school ( elementary and high school ) and we were taught the true meaning of the Lenten Season.

Lenten Season is a “time when many Christians observe a period of fasting, repentance, moderation, self-denial and spiritual discipline” this is in preparation for the Easter. Lenten Season is a Christian season for us Christians to reflect the sufferings and sacrifices of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Back in the days, I remember how my siblings and myself observe the holy week as guided by our parents. From Monday to Saturday (of the said week) we were not allowed to watch TV, we were not allowed to listen to music on the radio, we were not allowed to speak loudly. It’s like we were living  inside the monastery. Got used with it, it was cool!

Both my parents explained to us the little sacrifices and abstinence that we need to do and it has instilled in our system as we were growing up. I am fortunate enough because I had the chance to impart the same tradition to my beautiful jewels. Despite our distance, my kiddos never forget, which makes me a proud Mom.

It is very unfortunate, that in this modern times, Christian  families most especially the parents seem to forget their role and that is to explain to their kids why the Christian world observes the Lenten Season. As parents, it is our obligation to enlighten and guide our children. You may disagree my point, but oh well, its just my thought , Claro?!.

* * * *

God forbid, I hope our dear politicians will not take advantage of the season. We all know there will be activities during the Holy Week. Pero,  Por Dios y Por Santo I hope they will spare the people from their clown smile ,huggy and besitos effects,Ugghh, I get the goose bumps effect!

Some of the “intelkunuhay” of local political parties are moving heaven and earth to know each other’s strategies. Hinay hinay lang duh, basin mabughat ka uy. Tsk Tsk, see how politics can ruin relationships? All because of the so-called POLITICAL GREED.

While we may have political prostitutes or political butterflies, we also have political mafia, in- charge of the dirty tricks department. It is very sad to note that such do exist in Zamboanga City. These kind of people will do everything to their opponents just to get to the top.

Let us not  allow these sinberguenzas to enjoy the game. Let us not be blinded. For all its worth, let us be reminded by US President Lincoln’s words “ the government is of the people, by the people and for the people “. Pensa muy bien ! — Email me at