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Wednesday, 16 March 2016 14:18




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?...” (Romans 8:31-32, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

REACTIONS ON “NO-EL” SCENARIO COME POURING IN: Wow, I have been receiving torrents of reactions, both pro and con, over my claim in this column that President Aquino and his officials are maneuvering to prevent the holding of the May 09, 2016 elections, to enable him to continue being president even after his term shall have ended by June 30, 2016.

First, I thank all those who took their time out to send text messages to me, as well as those who called me, to express their opinion on what I have been saying. Indeed, I can say that Filipinos are now slowly learning to respond to issues, and make manifest their own perceptions about what is going on around.

This can only augur well for a truly democratic system, where it is part of the Constitutional rights of a citizen to speak freely about his thoughts on the country, on society, and on the government, without fear of being subjected to any vindictive reaction or any form of vengeful criminal prosecution.

* * * *

DRILON MUST BE REPLACED NOW: Second, if there is really no plan to scuttle the May 09, 2016 elections and for President Aquino to continue functioning as president even after June 30, 2016 notwithstanding the postponement or non-holding of the May 09, 2016 elections, this government should already allow Senate President Frank Drilon to step down as Senate president so a new Senate president could be elected from among the senators who will remain as such senators until 2019.

The election of a new Senate president now would be a serious manifestation of the lack of intent on the part of the Aquino government and of President Aquino himself to create a leadership vacuum in the government if and when no election is held on May 09, and if and when no new president is elected by June 30, 2016.

I am saying this because, under the Constitutional rule on succession, the Senate president is mandated or legally authorized to assume the presidency if no president or vice president is elected in the May 09, 2016 elections. Unfortunately for Drilon, he could not succeed to the presidency if there is no election on May 09, because his term shall have already expired by June 30, 2016.

* * * *

HOW TO REMEDY A POSSIBLE LEADERSHIP VACUUM: If Drilon could not assume the presidency by June 30, 2016, there is no one else who can be president, because the terms of President Aquino, Vice President Jejomar Binay, and House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. shall have already lapsed similarly. This would mean a leadership vacuum over which the 1987 Constitution is powerless to remedy.

Such a leadership vacuum would encourage the scuttling of the 1987 Constitution, and the establishment of a revolutionary government by any person or group who or which will have the power to assert themselves as the new leaders. This could be President Aquino himself, aided by his allies, both in the civilian and military sectors.

On the other hand, if Drilon steps down now as Senate president, and a new president of the Senate is elected before the May 09, 2016 elections from among the 12 senators who will remain until 2019, there would be no leadership vacuum because that new Senate president will have the right to become acting president.

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