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Wednesday, 16 March 2016 14:45


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Now it’s the time to listen to lots of brilliant ideas, hopeful promises, inspiring messages including nasty vainglories. Splendid platforms of government are presented to us; the electorates, intended to make us convinced, swayed or duped to throw our all-out support for them to triumph at the polls.

Anyway, that’s what we understand as politics from our school days to the present where we are now. All efforts are exerted, of course, within the bounds of law, in order to materialize all plans, realize dreams, and take the much-coveted post in public service. At times, though, the over ambitious aspirants tend to resort to cheating, betrayal, violence or any unlawful means. Here in this part of the planet anything in politics ever since the time when we started to institute our own political system in Kawit, Cavite. Well, it’s up to the voters whether or not to gamble in a dubious compromise over the interest of the Filipino people and the ill-tainted money of greedy politicians.

What keep us bothered and dumbfounded as if mentally obscured are the realities before our eyes and all the freaks and phenomena taking place around us. Here in Mindanao or more specific in our City of Zamboanga—we can see poor lowly earners who have to toil their own tough way from sunrise to sunset, some of them from dusk to dawn, just to have daiiy means for their families. They are poorly educated or unschooled, no stable jobs, squatting on vacant lots or riverbanks, having many malnourished children and uncared elders who are hungry and sick. This is only a single glance at poverty which is the main topic m every speech of the national candidates especially those aspiring for the presidency. We can see more of the poverty speck as we go around the city streets and alleys, and visit outlying barangays to see the indigent residents in hamlets and villages, the poor farmers and fishermen whose children many are out of school because of economic difficulties. At the strike of a typhoon, they are left out of money and hungry.

What about the deteriorating peace snd order, unabated criminalities, and the rampant sale of illegal drugs; no job opportunity, smuggling, poor power and water services, corruption in public offices and schools, rebellion, etc.

Some vendors commented: What we hear now from the candidates are mostly repetition. They have been said by the candidates in previous elections. But nothing happened. For us, the common masses, living is becoming worst than ever.

If only those platforms of government have been complied, fulfilled and implemented by the winners in all previous elections, life in this city would be different today, said a college professor.

Therefore, what’s the use of telling us their platforms of government if and when the elections are over, all what have been uttered will only be gone by the wind?

Anyway, whether we like it or not, life must go on. And the elections must happen on May 9, 2016. Everything remains to be seen, isn’t it?

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