Of heroes and politicians PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 March 2016 13:59


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Out there in the city or town somewhere in the country, a presidentiable with his running mate and senatorial aspirants would come in a iubijant motorcade to woo voters  for the much needed votes, Of course, they are not heroes, but if elected they can make heroes out of the blue.

We’ve met many famous heroes in books, movies and comics. In computer games there are also heroes to which the kids are addicted.

Because of poverty, no job opportunity or any means of living, practically unskilled, you applied to work in a foreign land as a domestic helper in line with the overseas program of the government intended to save our feeble economy. You’ve borrowed some money for the placement fees, left behind your unhappy family to work as a servant in a household of strange culture and language, and hoped to find the solution to all the miseries in life in the hands of abusive, ill-mannered employees. You were maltreated, too much work with meager pay, limited food, and frequent sexual advances until one day you were scared, tried to escape, but you accidentally fell from the building. It was reported that you’ve committed suicide due to homesickness and loneliness. Your tearful husband and small children went to the airport, but can no longer see you inside the sealed wooden box. does that make you a hero?

In similar incidents, you were able to escape from your sex-starved employer, but before you could get any help, you were arrested by the police for robbery. You languished in jail, raped by the guards, yet no assistance has ever reached you.

Or you were arrested in possession of a baggage containing illegal drugs. Though innocent you were accused as a drug mule. Sentenced to death by the court, you were placed in the death row waiting for the coming day of the execution. Does that make you a hero?

Heroes are those who have died or almost lost their lives in defense of their country or restore freedom and justice for their fellowmen. From our standpoint, heroes are ready to die so others may live without thinking of anything in return.

When you die or suffer while corrupt public officials enrich themselves or inept officials are doing nothing to boost the country’s economy, does that make you a hero?

Based on reports, despite those tragic stories and the threats in the hands of brutal employers, applicants continue to flock the recruitment agencies for chance to leave. During political unrest in a ME country, Filipino workers would even reject government rescue efforts to remain where they are. It only proved how serious the job scarcity situation is.

Our country has to produce top calibre professionals like engineers, doctors, scientists to work abroad in prestigious assignments or missions, and highly skilled workers in world class firms where foreign employers salute with respect unlike those unskilled helpers maltreated and abused. Illegal recruitment and human trafficking should be stopped.

Political officials should exhaust all efforts in surplus food production, high yielding agricultural crops, and successful fishery programs to ensure sufficient food supply for the people. Exportation of products rather than labor should be the priority of the government by putting up more factories, plants and manufacturing firms, eventually unlimited job opportunities will be generated to solve the unemploymentproblem.

Filipino inventors should be recognized and supported by the government which can contribute to fast track developments in our country, foreign investors should be given a fair treatment by removing all forms of red tape in the process of business documents. Power and water services should be improved including the slugging internet signal.All obstructionists to the development should be penalized.

Now who do you think among the presidential bets is competent enough with a strong political will and the sincere heart to propel our country toward a prosperous destination that all of us have been dreaming of?

A deed though how small it is may be heroic if it’s intended to bring relief on other’s life without expecting anything in return.