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Thursday, 17 March 2016 14:00



No, this is not about the late JV Baginda’s widely-listened, nightly musical radio program, “Zamboanga By Night.” This is about commentaries/observations of numerous night owls regarding the present nightly state of the city.

Many people are now going out dining, drinking, and enjoying the various foods being served on the many newly-established restaurants. Of course, the KCC Mall tops them all. It practically has all the nationally well-known restaurants chains within its complex. But to a beer-drinker, only Gerry’s Grill and Mandarin Tea House are serving beer but only one brand: San Mig Light. Shakey’s Pizza serves only draft beer. Perhaps this is intended to stop customers from staying longer in their restaurants as they all close at 9 p.m. Well, if one really wants to enjoy and pass away the night downing numerous bottles of beer or liquor and listen to  live music, he can have a wide choice of places to go along Canelar and Gov. Camins Road. One can also go further to Paseo del Mar or Paseo de Pasonanca for fresh comfort.

The city’s peace and order condition has greatly improved and the police and the elements of Task Force Zamboanga are on top of the situation and doing their job very well. The only problem, however, is: there are lots of tricycles and public jeepneys that are running at night without headlights. And mind you, they run at full speed as if they’re going to run out of passengers. This has been going on for many months now and they really pose danger to motorists. Why they can do this with impunity really bewilders me. The LTO, Police and the City Government Traffic Group should come with a solution to this problem. Many fatal vehicular accidents occurred during nighttime.

Once this is solved, Zamboanga City by night would be peaceful, livelier, and enjoyable where its denizens would be free from danger to roam and navigate the city streets in search for a place where they can dine, drink, and pass the night away with friends and relatives.

Let’s toast to this.