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Friday, 18 March 2016 14:40

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Brace up, for possible further scarcity of water. The Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) through spokesman Edgar Baños reports, the water supply in Zamboanga City remains very low and is in fact approaching critical level with the onset of the summer season.

Baños said the water level at the Pasonanca intake dam is 73.86 meters, way below the normal level of 74.20 meters. And the water supply remains very low and is in fact approaching its critical level, with the onset of the summer season.

He said the water rationing scheme implemented since March 1 is based on the water inflow

The spokesman warned that once the inflow drops any further, a third rationing scheme will likely be implemented, decreasing water service hours some more.

Baños said, the recent rains scantily experienced here in recent days were not enough to boost the present water supply. And normally, he added, the rainy season sets in by May to June yet; hence, the critical period this summer could be expected.

For this reason, he concluded, the ZCWD engineers have agreed to meet on a daily basis to assess the water situation.

* * * *

The following is an excerpt lifted from the Supreme Court 14-0 decision ordering the Commission on Elections to print receipts showing how vote counting machines read each voter’s choices. “The credibility of the results of any election depends, to a large extent, on the confidence of each voter that his or her individual choices have actually been counted. It is in the local precinct after the voter casts his or her ballot that this confidence starts. It is there where it will be possible for the voter to believe that his or her participation as sovereign truly counts.

This here below appears to be the theory of Ricardo Saludo who in reaction thereto, wrote in the TMT, The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is, in essence, blackmailing the SC and the people that to use the safety features would lead to major election difficulties and even failure, with grave impact on national stability.

Saludo said, “That has been the Comelec strategy in setting aside many other automated election system safeguards mandated by law in the 2010 and 2013 polls, from digital signatures needed to verify that results received by canvassing servers are genuine, to the proper review of source codes controlling vote counting and canvassing, plus the VVPAT itself.”

Comelec is bent on making poll watch groups, political parties, the Supreme Court, and the citizenry accept the disabling of law-mandated/ required measures to counter computerized fraud, because enforcing the law and declaring elections illegal would lead to chaos. Poll results would all be voided, leaving no one to run the government.

Particularly on the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista has warned of delayed polls, manual canvassing, and even failure of election if the High Court ruling is followed. In sum, Saludo says, “and as the agency warns with every petition demanding safeguards required by law, all hell will break loose if the Comelec has to follow the law.”

This hostage-taking of the election and the nation has to stop, he fumed.

The law must be followed for the simple reason that safeguards are indispensable not only to prevent fraud, but also to afford every voter “the confidence … that his or her individual choices have actually been counted,” as the Supreme Court ruling quoted above declares.

And SS and Saludo agree - GO FOR MANUAL COUNTING!

His further explanations hereunder are much too much believable, attesting that the pastg tgwo elections, particularly the 2013, where this keyboardist was butchered was a farce.

“Bottom line: We inexpert citizens cannot verify by ourselves whether PCOS correctly counts and tabulates our votes. We are forced to accept results on the say-so of experts, which other equal experts vehemently contest; and the seeming similarity of national poll results and pre-election surveys (don’t ask about local voting) [Can’t exactly tell the reason for that enclosed in parenthesis phrase on local polls. And insist, the 2015 locals polls were similarly rigged  - SS].

, as veteran election analyst Ramon Casiple pointed out, even VVPAT is no assurance that PCOS would not manipulate the tabulation of votes correctly recorded. Or that hacked Comelec servers would not pad votes for candidates favored by corrupted insiders, while trimming rivals’ tallies.

All that anxiety would stop if we count votes one by one in front of poll watchers and vigilant citizens, then post online all the signed and verified returns for anyone to tabulate and check against official canvassing.

No source code. No digital signatures. No RMA. Just alert eyes, clear scanners and online data transmission. And the only losers would be Comelec insiders making hay on Hocus PCOS.”

Manual voting! Manual voting! Manual voting!

* * * *

1-PACMAN, a party list, is surely leaving no stone unturned in its campaign for glory.

The group conducted a motorcade here very recently, which is said to be a routine program in all its campaign rounds all over the country.

To add color to the event, the participation of movie idol John Estrada was even enlisted. Estrada came in a Sunday before to personally endorse 1-PACMAN.

Its number one nominee is big-time business magnate, Mike Romero, who is credited to have architectured the booming trading industry in North Harbor, and making sea travel safe comfortable and with ease.

Romero also owns Global Port, also known as Batang Pier, a much-patronized team in the PBA.

In the same manner, Romero owns a fleet of aircraft plying international routes, and is recognized as responsible in pioneering the reduction of plane fares that led other airlines to follow suit.

In a press conference,  Estrada batted for 1-PACMAN describing the party list as one focusing on youth development abd sports, with two others along side. These are housing-livelihood.and education.

Estrada explained that the party list envisions to bring sports right into every nook and cranny of the barangays, using the field in molding the character of the youth ala people’s champ, boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

Earlier Romero had said, 1-PACMAN also visualizes to use its barangay-spread sports campaign as a farm for athletes, developing potentials in the youth for participation in international competitions.

In the past, the party list was affiliated with Pacquiao, but when the latter decided to run for senator, he turned its reins over to businessman Romero.

And Romero is no ordinary man, in his younger days he gained prominence in a foreign land, Singapore, where he earned his 100 million, working a financial analyst. Likewise, he ventured in teaching jobs at the Ateneo and La Salle.

In conclusion, Estrada dispelled possibilities that 1-Pacman will be affected by the recent controversies Manny Pacquiao got entangled with, convinced that people are intelligent voters and will certainly be attracted to 1-PACMAN’S advocacies.

* * * *

Political violence in neighboring Tungawan town goes unabated. Police said, unidentified gunmen killed the father of a mayoralty candidate and wounded two of his companions in an ambush on Wednesday. Murdered was Moin Samson, whose son Carl Climaco is running for mayor in Tungawan.

The wounded victims in the attack, which occurred late Monday near a bridge in the village of Lower Tungawan were Hasim Samson and Rashid Hassan. The Police said the victims were heading home on a motorcycle when the gunmen, who were tailing the trio, opened fire with automatic pistols.

Police, however, would not as yet relate the motive of the attack to politics, even as the political allies of the Climacos claim that many of them were getting death threats from unknown groups.

At present, some dozen persons - mostly supporters of the Climacos - were slain in separate gun attacks in Tungawan.

The military, however, would not take action on the spate of killings, saying the matter is pure police work. (Al Jacinto-fed)