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Saturday, 19 March 2016 13:55



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… `Everyone who hears these words of mine and put them into practice is a wise man who built his house on a stone. The rains fell, the floods rose, and the wind blew and beat against that house, but it did not fall because its foundation is stone’…” (Jesus, our God and Savior, in Matthew 7:24-25, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

SOMETHING ELSE THAT MUST BE DONE AGAINST HEAT: It is indeed very good that there is an advisory being shared and re-shared in many social networking sites in the Internet like Facebook about what we should do in the face of extreme heat that is going to hit the Philippines in the next five days, but there is something else that needs urgent doing among many of us.

This “something else that needs urgent doing among many of us” to combat the coming heat addresses the spiritual angle of the scorching temperatures, or temperatures that have the capacity of burning humans alive. Many will again scoff at this claim, but, yes, there is a Biblical prophecy about the coming burning heat that will kill many.

The prophecy says that the earth will experience great heat because many people will no longer listen to God, no longer read His Bible, and no longer obey His commands that are written therein. What is truly awesome about this prophecy, made thousands of years before Jesus was born of Mary, is its warning that the unbearable heat will not stop until we are all destroyed.

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THE HEAT THAT IS COMING IS HELL NO EARTH: Why are world and Philippines leaders failing or refusing to acknowledge this Biblical or spiritual angle of the coming burning temperatures worldwide? It must only be because they have not been truly reading their Bibles, or are no longer believing in the Bible or in God.

If our leaders are only reading the Bible, and are sincerely believing and having faith on what is written therein, they would not fail to realize that God warned us about the coming of really hot days. God said, according to the Bible, that if we no longer listen to His Word, and no longer obey His commands, He will send us debilitating curses.

One of these curses is extremely hot temperatures, now commonly known internationally as global warming and climate change. The prophecy is really scary because it foretells of “scorching heat”. What is “scorching heat”, in layman’s language? It is heat that scorches, or a heat that burns. Literally, therefore, the coming hot days will be a forerunner of the fires of hell, right here on earth!

* * * *

WHAT CAN WE DO AGAINST SCORCHING HEAT? So, okay, what can we do to either prevent or at least avoid the wrath of the coming hot days? Since it is quite clear that these scorching days are being visited upon us because of our refusal to listen to God and to obey His commands, the best thing to do is to listen to God once again and to truly obey His commands.

How do we listen to God? We must read His Bible everyday, and meditate on it, or study its verses, day and night. We must take note that believers are required not only to just “browse over” the Bible through its pages. We must also meditate on what we are reading, think about them and determine what they mean and how they affect us on our day to day lives.

Thereafter, we must also endeavor to live what we read, or obey what is written in its verses. If we do these things, there is an assurance that God’s curses, like global warming and climate change, will cease and no longer come upon us or at least cause damage and injury to anyone. We must do these now, while there is still time.

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