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Saturday, 19 March 2016 13:59

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

The other month a friend request pooped at my Facebook account. His picture says he is a foreigner and sporting a military uniform. After scrutiny, Table Talk was able to discern that he is allegedly a member of the British Royal Army, assigned in war-torn Syria to jibe with his address as living in Damascus, Syria. After further scrutiny before accepting his friendship, I browsed at his circle of friends and it says only 2 mutual friends and so good to be true, his mutual friends are also my Facebook friends, Francis Harry Maletsky and Billy Jones, my long time friend in Zamboanga City from Barangay Pasonanca and a member of the city’s bomb squad (now retired, i think). seeing these two FB friends, although a total stranger and a foreigner at that and assigned in war torn Syria, Table Talk clicked the FB confirmed button. We are now friends and his name is Wood Billy, I didn’t ask which is his family name and given name because normally if you give your name, you first give your given name before your family name, that is  how I was taught in school. The following paragraph is Table Talk first hand story and experience of an international syndicated scam.Their approach is fantastic and if they were a salesman one will buy their product, even if you will have to borrow if you didn’t have the cash that moment. But, Table Talk, being a salesman too, for a long, long time and a veteran media man covering stories of scams, pyramiding and local scalawag thugs money making crimes, his antics did not convince me but made me more suspicious as to their real motives. To know more, I decided to play their game.I played the role of a naive supposed to be victim.

* * * * *

The first few days of Facebook messages from them, was the normal cordiality, like “Hi”, “Hello” “How are your doing” and “How is your family doing” , nothing about their sinister plan of verbal entrapment. The approach was superb, like a real salesman trying to get your trust and attention. At first, I though, Table Talk was communicating with someone who is cultured like a real British gentleman.They are very cautious, one message a day, making it appear that they just wanted to be friends and not act like an “eager beaver” or a hungry lion that makes a fatal bite to an innocent prey. After a week, a probing question was posed to me but written in a very gentle and honest way to make it appear they are genuinely concern, like “Can I trust you ?” Of course I answered “yes you can, I have a name to protect in my community” and I asked him back, “why do you want me to be trusted?” and Wood Billy said “ I will tell you next time when I believe that I can fully trust you, but first tell me, are you married? How old are you? What is you work? and do you have a family?” I replied to Wood Billy, the British Army man assigned in Syria, “Why do you want this informa

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