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Tuesday, 22 March 2016 11:37

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Tough luck for Sound Snipings (SS) yesterday. The entire west coast barangays, including Baliwasan was powerless from 6 am up to about 11 pm. With no water, to boot!

With no electricity, had to motor off to the east coast, Guiwan, to research for newsworthy items and to grind SS in the same place to cut on time travel and inconvenience.

Per Zamcelco Director Wil Bazan’s text message assurance, SS was confident, the east coast will not suffer power outages. But woe to SS, just as when SS was to write to write 30 to end his writeup… pffft, lights went off.

Encoded article gone. Alas, SS went missing yesterday.

* * * *

This 26th will be the start of the campaign period for local bets. And that day happens to be Sabado Gloria (Black Saturday). In respect and deference to that holy day, SS has advised son Jaime “Boday”., a council aspirant to keep a low profile if the red team decides to go the for the jugular at the onset of the campaign date.

Prepared as he may be with a jingle, composed and sang by Arlen Mandangan, aka Blank Tape of the Jejemon fame, Boday’s sounds will be silent on that day.

Going by experience in radio broadcast, even on Holy Thursday and Good Friday music, though truly subdued, is still played. But, no, not on a Black Saturday. Right after the seven last words in Calvary and on the whole of Black Saturday. That is the only day that transmitters are not even switched on. It’s day off for broadcasters. The one and only every year.

So, shall it be for son Boday.

* * * *

One of the issues SS wrote of yesterday in the missing article was the supposed P47 or so, million pesos contributions that poured in from all over the world due the infamous Zamboanga siege, where hundreds died and million upon millions of pesos lost. And thousand upon thousands of persons displaced.

Reportedly, so many heads turned in disbelief on the published claim of the money received in donations.

Only some P47 millions?, they chimed.

The bitterest of comments in reaction thereto, came from LA-based Zamboanga native and publisher John “Boboy” Shinn.

Unfortunately his exact words were lost with the deleted article of yesterday.

It was o this effect, he wrote in chabacano, P47 million lang. Que l**ron kamo. (Only P47 million, such ro**ers you are.)

Just to whom he addressed his comments, we can only surmise.

* * * *

1-PACMAN has unveiled an innovative approach to job generation, that the party list assures is very doable.

This, it bared in view of promises by several politicians, including party lists, to give employment to the jobless. A 1-PACMAN spokesman made the disclosure as he batted for its No. 1 nominee, Dr. Mikee Romero as the one who can achieve that feat. He made mention of the proven capability of Romero in jobs generation. As of now, he said, Romero has given out more than 100 thousand jobs to individuals. And the number is ever-increasing.

On the distinction of 1-PACMAN to other politicians and party lists, he prided, Mikee has a clearly laid down program, divided in three stages - immediate, medium and long term, admitting that it is not really possible to open so many jobs overnight. Mikee will come out a liar to claim such. And that explains why his work generating program is divided in three levels, and limiting his explanation to only the immediate or temporary level, adding if he still touched on the two others, it will take ages.

He intimated, Mikee and 1-PACMAN will reactivate the Emergency Employment Authority (EEA), initiated then by the late President Diosdado Macapagal, who gave out temporary employment to the jobless; such as cleaning canals, rivers, and streets. Their primary duty is limited to keeping surroundings clean.

In Metro Manila, for example, he related, esteros and canals are clogged up, and dumped with garbage. Government does clean them, yes, but there’s no stopping people from dumping garbage into them. He rued, clogged up waterways cause flooding of streets at the slightest rainfall. Thus, the plan of 1-PACMAN is to employ the jobless to keep those places clean, with the added responsibility of guarding against the dumping of garbage in esteros and rivers.

Of course, he said, their pay will be slightly lower than the regular daily wage earners because, they will not need to pay for transportation fares and noonday meals, for they will simply be assigned in areas close to where they live.

Secondly, Mikee and 1-PACMAN will create peace bodies, wherein members will be tasked to guard areas in their vicinity where crimes are likely to occur.

They will necessarily be remunerated. As such, they will feel dignified and worthy citizens.

Self-respect is important to one’s being. Criminality then will lessen.

He expressed desire to once again be given the opportunity to explain some other time, the other ways of Mikee acts in creating job opportunities.

* * * *

Superintendent Julius Arro, the city’s Bureau Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) warden has adopted an innovative program to connect inmates at the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center (ZCRC) with their loved ones through the Internet.

Dubbed as “Electronic Dalaw (E-Dalaw)”, Arro said, the program is a joint project of the BJMP, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Rotary Club of Zamboanga-West.

The system, he said, will benefit relatives and friends, who may either be too busy to visit inmates in person or may be are out town/country.

ZCRC, host to more than 2,000 male and female inmates, have six units of computers that will be used in the E-Dalaw program.

Each of the inmates is given the opportunity to communicate with their love ones, assisted by trained jail guards, for considerable number of minutes using Skype or other similar computer software applications.

* * * *

This is a suspicion to which SS subscribes. Vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Friday warned that cheating during transmitting and canvassing of votes might disenfranchise millions of voters in the 2016 elections.

This comes in the face of several alibis that Commission on Elections (Comelec) officials harp on as to the supposed difficulties in abiding by the Supreme Court (SC) ruling to activate the safety features of the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs), better known as the devilish PCOS that were used in 2010 and particularly 2013 sans the safety features. Marcos says, all the poll body has to do is to simply activate the function of printing receipts right after the casting of votes.

He said, experts reliably informed him that nothing has to be changed, except to merely activate the function of the source code. With that in place, all that the machines will do is to coun t.

The real concerns, he added, are in the transmission of votes and the scheme of ballots filled up before Election day, or add more ballots that are pre-filled up.