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Saturday, 26 March 2016 14:50

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Going waterless for a good full day is no joke. And cannot expect people to be able to store water in significant quantity in drums to tide over the water-less day.    It’s not only tedious, it’s costly. One plastic drum costs close to a thousand pesos, maybe even more.

Think then, how many drums are needed, say, for a medium size family? 5?

That’s P5,000. For an average-income family, that’s big money!

Here’s hoping, the Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) would be able to devise a system whereby residents could be serviced with water on a daily.

Surely, Sound Snipings (SS) is not saying he knows better than officials and technical experts in ZCWD, so please take this as a mere suggestion by way of a question.

Water is served alternately a day after the other, but for ten (10) hours each time. Is it possible that one key area, like the central, be served four to five hours each day, and the extra five or six, be divided between the other areas - west and east coast - at three or two and a half hours each?

Having lesser hours of water a day is that to be water-less for one good dull day, seems a lot more comfortable. Just a point to ponder.

* * * *

Baliwasan Barangay, on its own teeny weenie way, has jumped the gun on our higher officials. While the City Government has just approved the proposals of the ZCWD aimed at mitigating the wide-reaching effects of the continuing El Nino, to include requesting large companies with water tankers to help the city and the ZCWD in providing potable water to hard-hit areas in the city, Baliwasan has been has been at it for the past three days.

According to Barangay Captain-son Jaime “Boday”, soon as the water crisis hit the city hard, he immediately employed the recently purchased mini fire buster to help assuage the hardships of constituents.

It will be recalled that barely a day after its acquisition the mini fire buster was immediately put to test through an actual use when a fire broke out somewhere in the Seaside area. The timely response of the mini tanker to the scene succeeded to prevent what may have turned out into - God forbid! - a big conflagration, as the back of the burning site, houses of light materials stand elbow to elbow.

This time Boday utilized the tanker to deliver water to waterless areas of Baliwasan and even nearby Calarian, upon request.

“The mini tanker may not be as big as those owned by large companies, but 1 ton, which is the capacity of the tanker, is 1 ton, and sitios needing water are normally served with two trips each. That then makes two tons. Enough for the crisis-stricken inhabitants” Cabato remarked.

He added, “For as long as needed, and for as much as possible, this move will pervade in whatever small way.”

* * * *

Temperature in Zamboanga City is predicted to peak from 38 - 41ºC today.

In view thereof, City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin Agbulos advised residents to keep hydrated, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to prevent heat-related ailments such as dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke, which is life-threatening - one that needs immediate emergency response.

In event of heat stroke, Agbulos said the immediate response is to reduce body temperature by sponging or spraying patient with cool water, fanning bodies, putting cool packs on pressure points such as the armpits, the groin, and the back of the neck.

* * * *

In  reaction to posters of Manny Pacquiao endorsing 1-PACMAN, a spokesman wrote in to say that as what they have been stressing all along, their party list is not owned by the champion boxer anymore. Convinced of its programs in sports, education and employment, as well as having been part of the party prior to his decision to run  for a senate seat, Pacquiao is supporting 1-PACMAN on his own volition.

Its first nominee is Dr. Mikee Romero, a respected business tycoon, who has a heart for the poor, stimulating him to generate and grant employment to over 100,000 idle hands, as well as to give out scholarship grants to youngsters numbering 5,000. And Mikee, he said, has not put on the brakes to the dole outs. The slots are ever-increasing in number.

Explaining Mikee’s entry into the political field, in spite of his capability to already help, he said Mikee feels government is not doing enough for the country’s needy constituents. And grating that it is, the help is too slow in motion. There’s so much left to be done, the spokesperson said. In giving an example, Mikee’s 1-PACMAN, for one, cited the Yolanda victims. Up until now, so many are still homeless and staying in temporary shelters under uncomfortable conditions. And they are not even employed, he lamented.

So as it is with their health and the youths’ education. Mikee’s heart, he related bleeds seeing the plight of the evacuees. He pities the children even more. His perennial question are, where is government, and up to now why are they languishing in evacuation centers? Where are the financial contributions that came in a-plenty from local and foreign benefactors.

Those are some of the reasons Mikee, he averred has decided to join politics. Somebody has to move in Congress to address the problems of those who have less in life.

The s   olution to these problem, he continued, are all embodied in 1-PACMAN’s three co-related advocacies.

In sports, he related, the country has long been competing in the international field, such as the Asian Games and the Olympics, yet we have always been “kulelat” (tail-enders). Whereas, the Philippines in previous years, shared top spots with Asian neighbors, now even Singapore - a tiny dot in the world  map - has overtaken us.

In the Olympics, the highest medal that a Filipino has snatched were scanty bronzes silvers. And those was decades ago. Not enough support is given by government, he added.

And noticeably, during international sports parades during game openings, officials number more that the athletes. It’s a disgrace, the party list, rued.

Philippine sports lacks clear-cut programs. “This has to change. For the better!”, Mikee, was quoted as saying.

The same is true in education. In the number of doctorate degree holders, the Philippines lag way behind other countries.

Funds for the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) need buttressing, and that what, he said Mikee envisions.

On employment, 1-PACMAN had advanced its plan to revive the Emergency Employment Agency (EEA) that was initiated by then President Diosdado Macapagal, in line with the party list’s immediate (temporary), medium and long range scheme.

* * * *

As expected, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has finally overtaken his closest rival in the vice presidential race - Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

Though the percentage points may be close, TMT this time did not describe the rankings to be “statistically tied” as when Marcos was the one trailing.

In the latest Pulse Asia survey taken from March 8 to 13, 2016, the ABS-CBN commissioned, results showed Marcos edging out Escudero, getting 25 percent of the vote of the 4,000 people polled.

Marcos’ latest rating was three points higher than the rating he got in the March 1 to 6 Pulse Asia survey also commissioned by ABS-CBN.

The results, as can readily see, surely does sound credible, knowing that ABS-CBN is not happy with the strongman Marcos, who sequestered the company at the onset of martial law.

Escudero got 24 percent, one point lower than the 25 percent he got in the previous survey.

Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo trailed the two senators at 20 percent, followed by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, 13 percent, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, six percent and Sen. Gregorio Honasan, five percent.