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Sunday, 27 March 2016 14:54

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Today, 26th of March is a Saturday, Philippine time, and it marks the first day of campaign for local officials.

Having a son in Jaime “Boday” gunning for a seat in the City Council, writing times for Sound Snipings (SS) just might be imperiled.

As a father, SS - depending on Boday’s wishes - will have to journey with him in his quest.

As it was for today, this piece started grinding evening of Friday, after completing religious and social obligations, just for this piece to see print today.

Had to resort to that, because Boday had explicitly requested that SS joins up with him today.

And there’s no telling of the upcoming days. Thus, if and when SS does comes out, its length for sure may be briefer than as before.

Just keep abreast, folks. Thank you.

* * * *

Except for the way  boxing icon  Manny Pacquiao is serious in his training regimen that leads to it , in other aspects, trainer Freddie Roach is unsure if indeed Pacquiao is hanging up his gloves after his April 19 fight. in Las Vegas.

“I personally don’t know if this will be Manny’s last fight but he is training like it’s going to be his last fight,” said Roach during a break in training at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood where master and student are getting ready to face Tim Bradley.

The first half of his eight-week buildup was in General Santos City.

That if Pacquiao, 37, is indeed dead-serious in declaring that the third fight with Bradley is his swan song, Roach feels the eight-division world champion will surely close it out with a bang, which may come by a spectacular kayo win, predicting that if the opportunity for a knockout presents itself during the fight, he’s going to go for it. He will surely want to bow out with fireworks, as he would want to his on his boxing career with an unforgettable ending.

And should this be his final battle, Roach said, Pacquiao will step into the ring blazingly to aim for a sterling exhibition.

But Roach maintains that Pacquiao is far from being washed out, that even if he wins a seat in the Senate during the May elections, he can still afford to return to the ring.

His power, speed, work ethics are still superior to most others, said the 56-year-old Hall of Fame trainer.

While Pacquiao, he added, is the clear favorite going into the scheduled 12-rounder at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Bradley is parading a new trainer in Teddy Atlas and is convinced he has morphed into a different fighter.

And  Bradley has shifted his diet from being vegegetarian to mixed carnovorous, consuming protein-rich food from time to time to strengthen his bones and muscles, factors that saw him suffer leg and ankle injuries in his previous skirmishes with Pacquiao.

Meanwhile, the Nevada Athletic Commission has named the officials who will work the fight.

They are Robert Byrd, the third man in the ring during their first encounter, who will referee again; for judges,  Burt Clements and Dave Moretti, veteran Las Vegas officials, and Steve Weisfeld of New Jersey. (MB-sorced)

* * * *

Declaring his “top priority to be the wiping out of the Islamic State extremist group, US President Barack Obama urged nations Wednesday to unite against terrorism following the bloody attacks in Brussels.

On the other hand, prominent Republican congressman Devin Nunes said he was convinced the gory Brussels terror strikes could have been aimed at Americans since there were US airline counters near the bombinmg sites.

Nunes noted that Tuesday’s bomb attacks tore through part of Brussels international airport “right by the United, American, and Delta airline stands.”

And the location of the Maalbeek metro station bombing was “close to the US embassy,” he added.

“If you were going to pick locations where you might hit Americans, those would be the locations,” Nunes argued.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility after bombers killed 31 people and wounded 300 at Brussels airport and a metro station on Tuesday, leaving European and world leaders once more grappling for ways to tackle the jihadist threat. (MB-fed)

* * * *

It was a gutsy act that a China Coast Guard (CCG) ship did to forcibly cause the release a Chinese fishing boat from capticty by an Indonesian patrol boat had seized for illegal fishing near the Natunas in what Jakarta said was its waters.

The CCG rammed the Chinese vessel to pry it loose from the control of the Indonessian watercraft, with the latter seemingly defensless.

China, it is recalled, has been expanding its fleet and building larger vessels in recent years to help enforce its territorial claims.

Estimatedly, the CCG has more than 200 maritime enforcement vessels, including a pair of recently built 10,000-ton “monster” ships that are the biggest coast guard vessels in the world.

The first one China deployed to the East China Sea was last year. A second one, which reportedly boasts of a 76mm quick-firing main gun and has a top speed of 25 knots, is set to be deployed soon.