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Monday, 28 March 2016 13:21

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

SS comes to you from La Vista del Mar, and only via a CP.

Filial obligation again beckoned, so SS has joined up with Barangay Captain-son, who is gunning for a seat in the City Council.

It is the 2nd day now that SS sides with Boday in his party’s sorties.

But definitely, grinding an article on a cp unit, this piece will be brief today.

As stated twice already, Boday’s sound did not thunder yesterday, I respect the observance of Black Saturday.

In fairness to LDP partymates, it’s obligatory for SS to say, neither did all others. And SS cannot speak the same of the opposing camp.

* * * *

An how the Lobregat-led LDP conducts its sortie is similar to what I term a  trade secret.

All SS can say is, the party’s maiden baptism of fire was in the ground zero barangays, Mariki, Zone 4 and Sta. Barbara.

After the sorties in the three former hotspots, sites of the infamous Zamboanga siege, Boday was prompted  to quip, “Bright bo gat si Celso. Poreso gael aqui ya principia el campania. Cun buen rason gale.” (This Celso is indeed a bright guy. No wonder, our campaign started here. It was for good reasons  discovered).

Whatever th reason was, S wil bare to thos wh woul contac S in private.

It’s ofd to the campaign trail again. Till tomorrow, folks.