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Tuesday, 29 March 2016 13:52

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


This is again pounded on  ahead of time because Barangay Captain-son, aspiring for a seat in the City Council, has beckoned SS-father to again, and for the 3rd straight day, join up in his sortie with the LDP.

Again, length of writeup can only be determined upon writing 30.

* * * *

This item hereunder was posted two days ago on social media,  and owing to displayed interest in it from some quarters - capped by the fact, it’s printing day for DZT - we will feature it again. But this time with a brief backgrounder. This development was later brought to my attention by wife Lily, who had a talk with Council aspirant-son Boday.

The story, with a little variation from that of IDP representative Ismael Musa, came up during a meeting of the LDP party. Accordingly, it was re-electionist BG Guingona, who related the matter, stating that a very close insider of the LP camp confronted him on his alleged comments against their standard bearer. Guingona says, he was warned in this manner, “Numas mete cun Beng. Ultimo hora queda tu otro Jimmy Cabato. (Don’t criticize Beng. In  the end, you be another Jimmy Cabato.)

Well, every level headed Zamboanga voter, knows what happened to Jimmy Cabato. From No. 1, undefeated in all council races, and among the consistent survey leaders in the 2013 pre-election day, landed a sorry 9th. How, Read on. This will further explain things -

IDP representative to the City Council Ismael Musa is showing the heart of a true Zamboangueno. In mixed chavacano and English, he wrote on his fb timeline, portions of which we quote herein.

“Santa santita, pero… (galeh) demonyita. (Feigning saintly looks, but deep inside is a demon).

Na hinde mo kunamun, bola bu! Ya abla na un kandidato, kere bo keda egual kon Jimmy Cabato... (A candidate was told, (if) you do not side with us, you will suffer the tragedy of Jimmy Cabato)

Poreso (gale) ya abla kumigo el cañonaso, (So, that is why “the cannoner” told me {when I was first unseated}) “Maeng welcome to the family of (the) unseated.” (This was in an apparent reference to this representation’s PCOS-generated defeat in the 2013 elections.

Su (So) malakas sila na Comelec. Miyu complaint (ganeh) hinde pa gayut ta mobe… (So, they are influential in Comelec. Even my complaint is not prospering.

As our Christian brothers and sisters celebrate, we respect your practice, so we also reflect that at the old times, there is Pontius Pilate, so (up to) our current time. Aquel tan HUGAS KAMAY. Makalastima eh like emoticon makatreste el de atun ciudad:

1. 15 deaths na Magay (fire) incident —— qien el administrador del ciudad na este tiempo?

2. More than 200 deaths due to illness na mga transitory sites—— qien el chairman del Local Inter-agency committee or LIAC este tiempo?

3. More than two years ya nuay pa bolbe mga mas mutcho IDPs —— qien el chairman del LIAC este tiempo?

4. Serka Nueve Projects, seven Negotiated contracts kere man implement numa kita manda kida egual na more than 7million Masepla road project pero nuay concurrence (d)el SP, ayuda kita protehe el sen del ciudad.

——qien ya anda na TV tan drama kay makalastima el mga bibientes ta abla ta sangga kita? El deberesan ta ayuda kita kunila numas komite another MASEPLA Road project without SP inspection, no one is above thr(e) law.

We Muslim believe on the birth of Jesus Christ (a.s.) on the miraculous Virgin Mary.

Let us really discern, reflect and pray hard as to who have really the genuine heart to protect our People of Zamboanga City. The Sama Banguingui who is the second group of IPs landed in our home known to us as Samboangan we love our ciudad more than anyone. Let us protect our community from tyrant leaders who at their mind is only to stay in power for a longer period, just like in one barangay, only son and father is replacing each other but to date no massive community infrastructure development in the said brgy. Drugs are proliferating. Several killings till today unexplained.

We need to remove those oppressor, the BULLIES and help us in our crusade to put those who have genuine heart to protect our ciudad.”  (Lifted from  Councilor Musa’s post in his timeline)

* * * *

Although diminishing in number, there are still remnants of doubting Thomases, thinking 1-PACMAN is owned by boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

This is attributed to posters featuring Pacquiao in a pose endorsing the party list.

A spokesman called this time to stress that as what they have been emphasizing all along, Pacquiao did have shares in 1-PACMAN. But when he decided to run for a seat in the Senate, he immediately divested his interests in the party.

1-PACMAN is now led by its first nominee, Dr. Mikee Romero. Pacquiao continues to voluntarily endorse his party list because he adheres to the advocacies and programs of the party.

Incidentally, SS’s nephew Roger, who is a national supervisor in a big flour manufacturing and distributing firm in Manila was here in Zamboanga.

*  * * *

1-Pacman’s 3 advocacies aim to build a strong nationin the future by zeroing in on the youth and the young generation as its beneficiaries. First, sports will make Filipino youths physically fit and ready to face life’s challenges with courage and strength like good athletes going to face their greatest opponents. It has analyzed in a studies, that sports oriented youths make good employees, managers, soldiers etc... Second advocacy is education.. Just imagine a nation of well educated citizens and wise individuals ready to take responsibilities in life and qualified to get job positions as well as become professionals..Third and last in jobs generation, which is part of 1-Pacman’s strategy, is meant to creat employment opportunities for the young and educated Filipinos who will become the work force to make a strong economy. Indeed Dr. Mikee Romero, the partylist’s first nominee, has prepared a strategic platform, typical of a professional manager.

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