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Friday, 01 April 2016 14:25

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

As the Lobregat-led LDP stormed Barangay Sto. Niño Thursday morning, Barangay Captain-son Jaime “Boday”, city council aspirant gave father-supporter, SS keyboardist Jimmy, two special assignments oltside of the campaign routine.

Boday, feeling confident that in Sto. Niño, a neighboring barangay, on his own he has lots of friends already – one of whom is Barangay Captain Abeng Miranda himself – so, SS can take a breather for half a day and do the special chores for him..

Thus, upon completion of tasks, SS is seeing print.

On length of piece, there can be no telling.

* * * *

SS had predicted wrong yesterday. Read on what SS posted on his fb timeline yesterday.

“Today’s lunch break of LDP in its campaign sortie is a little lengthy, allowing Sound Snipings (SS) to go surfing.

This is the 5th day of the campaign, and from day one, SS was always by the side of Barangay Captain-son Jaime “Boday”, council aspirant.

The Lobregat-led LDP Thursday morning dropped by the Suterville-Kampung Islam Masjid, where, at an opportuned time, Ustadz Hajie Guru Bata was preaching to the faithfuls - leaders all.

And SS declares, it was a true blessing for Boday today.

To all the knowledgeable - abreast with detailed infomation – Usradz Hajie Guru Bata is one of the most respected Muslim teacher-preachers here, having earned his moniker Guru Bata (Young Teacher) because he finished his Islamic studies at a tender age of only 18 years, and now at 58 gets to be more and more respected as years go by.

Boday and SS were the last to make their entrance in the function hall.

Voila! The moment, we got in, at my sight, the respected teacher-preacher, paused and in public- addressed me - “Jimmy.” He then turned his attention back to the big audience, and announced, “Este si Jimmy amigo dimio. Ya tarda ya” (This Jimmy is my friend. For a long time now.)

A little later, Hajie Guru Bata, requested party head, Cong. Celso Lobregat and his bets, to address crowd, one by one.

When all have spoken, he whispered to me, “Combersa tamen. Endorse your son.” (You talk, too).

Politely, and in all respect, SS said, “No need, Hajie, the mere fact, you told your audience, I am your friend, was more than enough. What else do I have to say. Your announcing that I am your friend is all that Boday needed here. Thank you again.”

Tasks of son done, SS see print, after all.

* * * *

The mini-fire trailer-tanker (Fire Buster) of Baliwasan barangay helps the City’s Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in limiting conflagration to only one residential house.

In less than a month since its delivery, the mini-fire trailer-tanker (Fire Buster, As many call it) of Baliwasan barangay saw action again, when it paired with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) fire trucks in putting out a fire at Aquino Dr. Baliwasan at about 2:30 pm.

The main character yesterday was the BFP, as credit is largely showered on the city’s firemen. Because the conflagration was reported late, a house when the mini tanker arrived was already engulfed in giant flames. The city’s BFP went into play. While our firemen’s hoses could reach a portion of the fire scene and fight the fire, their trucks, cannot.

Thus while having contained the fire to a large extent, still there was a little more to be done. The back portion of the burning residential house was still scorching some, and had to be doused off entirely, because it still posed a danger of spreading to the nearby elbow-to-elbow houses.

That is where, the Baliwasan fire trailer-tanker went into play as it paired with the regular firemen.

The tanker was detached from the 3-wheeled tower and manually pushed inside the very narrow lane and went into action.

And this is how the partnership with our able local firemen worked.

The Baliwasan tanker is a teeny weenie one-tonner, so the water it was to douse needed refill. Thus, while the mini tanker was in action, the big trucks stood outside to continuously re-fill the itsy-bitsy tanker.

In addition thereto, better trained than the Baliwasan tanod-firemen, it was the regular city firemen who took hold of the mini tanker’s hose to train its nozzle on theremaining house.

The job was consummated with no water exhaustion at until the BPF declared “fire out”.

Such is how the Boday Cabato concept proved highly commendable.

It is to be noted that yesterday’s fire incident was the third of such occurrence in less than a month, where the mini fire buster proved its worth.

First was the one in Baliwasan Seaside, where a conflagration that could have reached to a possible catastrophical portion was prevented

Second was only about 8 days ago at the back of Monserat Drive, where a huge brush fire occurred. Before our regular firemen arrived, the mini fire tanker (fire buster) was already on the scene dousing water on the area nearest the fire scene, where several houses stand.

The rest was done by the BFP, now under City Fire Marshall Clint Cha.

Kudos to both firefighting groups.

* * * *

Alert signal up. Council aspirant-son Jaime “BVolday” has beckoned. Shoving off time. Till next time again. See you.