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Saturday, 02 April 2016 13:54



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… A wise son heeds his father’s instruction…” (Proverbs 13:1, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

SPINE-TINGLING LP RALLY IN DAET: The pictures showing the huge crowd that attended the Liberal Party proclamation of its candidates for mayor, vice mayor, and councilors in Daet, Camarines Norte last March 28, 2016, sent chills running up and down my spine.

The crowd was really huge, but it looked orderly and well-disciplined, which was unlike the crowds in other proclamation rallies in other places in the country that saw bedlam and confusion among the people that attended them.

So what was the secret? Joseph Christopher Panotes, or Concon to his relatives and close friends who is the LP candidate for mayor in the town, summed it up this way: the people of Daet are raring to listen to what the Liberal Party had to offer the town which has eluded cityhood until now, to ultimately make it a city already, perhaps under his term, with the able and generous help of his partymates from the LP.

* * * *

CONCON: SERVICE WITH SINCERITY THROUGH GENERATIONS: Concon is the son of the late lawyer Rogelio “Roger” Panotes, a delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention who practiced law to help his less fortunate “tugangs” from Bicol (this status of his father as a Concon delegate earned him his nickname now, Concon). Concon himself is a law graduate from the San Beda College of Law, if I am not mistaken, who preferred to become a politician instead of a full-pledged lawyer.

He is the nephew of the late Camarines Norte Rep. Elmer “Eming” Panotes, who handily trounced a top official of the Department of Finance who served during the time of President Ramos in several congressional contests, garnering tens of thousands of votes each time as lead over the Ramos official whose war chest was rumored to have included hefty contributions from big businessmen.

Then, Concon is the direct grandson of the late Camarines Norte Gov. Wilfredo Panotes (father of Rogelio) who served the province with an unblemished record, untainted by any allegation of corruption, and who gave the province its golden years as a premier Bicol locality. Undeniably, Concon is a man whose family background spells out “service with sincerity through generations”.

* * * *

HELP FOR THE POOR AND MARGINALIZED, A FAMILY TRADITION: Why do I know all these? Well, Concon is my brother-in-law, he being the husband of my sister, Atty. Marisa Lazo Mauricio Panotes, and the father of my still very young nieces Biel and Princess Panotes. We became closely associated for the first time in 2004,  during the second campaign for the presidency of a fellow Bicolano of his, former Sen. Raul S. Roco.

What is more, as he was studying law, he worked as a paralegal assistant of his lawyer-father, Atty. Roger Panotes, whose office was located just across a hallway at the fourth floor of the Century Imperial Palace Suites in Quezon City, a posh residential-commercial condominium owned by Lily Monteverde of Regal Films.

Even back then, Concon already showed obedience to the teachings of his father to push for the welfare of other people who sought them for help, even if for free. I saw Concon’s care and concern for the poor and the marginalized, and his desire to help not only with everything that he possessed, but even with whatever he knew or could create with his mind! Goodspeed, Concon Panotes!

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