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Saturday, 02 April 2016 14:11

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


It’s good the LDP team decided on a rather long noontime break today. Thus, giving time for an advance writing ahead of time, so Sound Snipings (SS) still sees print. As had been stated here, SS contributor sticks with council aspirant-son Jaime “Boday” in his sorties around town for the 6th straight day. But very likely, today’s piece may again be brief.

* * * *

Ill-feelings between the camps of supposed local coalition between LDP and LP heighten. This came to fore during Monday’s flag-raising ceremonies at the City Hall grounds, where the Cong. Celso Lobregat-led LDP was present, and Mayor Isabelle C. Salazar did not even acknowledge Lobregat’s presence when she addressed the hundreds of city government employees despite his noticeable presence.

“It was the highest form of uncivility displayed by the highest official of the city.” quipped an employee of the barangay affairs office at city hall. (Identity withheld for obvious reason.)

Lobregat, however, took it tongue-in-cheek.

And it happened, too, on that day, Climaco-led LP had the same schedule as red’s – City Hall offices. So, after the morning ceremonies, both groups marched inside the building, thereby meeting one and the other along the way.

There were two significant occurrences in those chance encounters. First, it was that of Boday’s. When Cabato met face-to-face with the Mayor, the latter stopped, shook hands with him, and made a step backward with piercing eyes glued to the young Cabato. Cabato just stayed silent, and after some seconds of staring, the Mayor spoke, with her head menacingly nodding, which according to Cabato, appeared like threatening. Climaco, the young man said, sternly told him, “Nah, we have biometrics”. And continued staring the same menacing look.

Cabato, not wanting to create a scene, simply smiled and gentlemanly motioned for her to get in first ahead of him.

The word biometrics here referred to the machine that records the time-ins and outs of employees in the office.

You see, with a little prompting, Boday, during pulong pulongs compares working habits of officials during the watch of Lobregat’s and that of the present; then dances the Zumba to the delight of audiences.

Cabato asks, “:Malo ba kel? Atake ba quel” (Is that bad? Is that an offensive comment?)

The 2nd chance encounter was that of Climaco and Councilor Percival Ramos of Dist. 2. When face-to-face, Climaco with not a single provocation from Ramos, immediately said, “You hate me so much. I am just protecting you.”

Ramos shot back, “I am also just protecting you.” In these recent days, Ramos, you will recall has been critical of the Mayor on the Masepla brouhaha. But that’s not the main point here. The main point is that, as Ramos initiated and funded with the use of his Countryside Development Funds (CDF), a structure inside the Talon Talon Elementary School, he hang a tarpaulin heralding so with both his name and the Mayor’s printed and credited for the feat.

And when the Mayor, without even inviting Ramos, presided on the ribbon-cutting ceremonies, - - seeing the tarpaulin - refused to begin the rites, unless the tarp was torn down.    And so it was.

* * * *

Two former Zamboanga City mayors, acknowledged political stalwarts in Zamboanga City have again thrown their strong support to Congressman Celso Lobregat in his re-election bid for the congressional seat in District 1, and expressed their renewed confidence in him.

Former Mayors Jose Vicente “Vinnie” Atilano II and EfrenArañez, in public display of such, raised the hands of Lobregat during a recent meeting in a simple gathering of the immediate family members of the two former city officials.

Having been a former three-term mayor of the city, his former counterparts lauded the exemplary performance and public service thatLobregat has rendered to the Zamboangeños. Mayor Atilano was the 19th city mayor who served from 1978 to 1980, while Arañez was the 25th mayor of the city who served in 1998.

Atilano said the three-terms of Lobregatwere not even enough for him to pursuehis endless quest for progress and development as well, all for the welfare of the constituents.

For his part, Arañez said that Lobregat has delivered more than what was expected of him by the people, not only as a mayor, but also as a congressman, that’s why he deserves to be re-elected.

The two officials labeled Lobregat as “The One” when it comes to legislation and defense of Zamboanga City, that’s why he deserves to be re-elected, citing his track record, describing it as proven achievements on issues like the Framework on the Bangsamoro (FAB), Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) and the recent Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

Lobregat returned the compliments, saying he has high respects for his two former mentors from whom he seeks advice in terms of leadership, public service and in the performance of his job as a local official. (DZT-sourced)


In the meantime, rival District 1 congressional aspirant Monsi Cris Dela Cruz kick-started his campaign Easter Sunday by attending mass at the Carmelite Monastery, motoring later to the RT Lim Boulevard, Caragasan and Golf Beaches where he did his campaigning.

Priding himself as a servant leader, he also met with some supporters who visited him at his office in Lantaka Hotel .

He wound up his sortie with a late afternoon visit to the KCC Mall, and also did some campaigning. (DZT-fed)

* * * *

Mayoralty candidate, retired police general Mario Yanga kicked off his campaign in Recodo, where he vowed to clear its name.

Barangay Recodo is tagged as the so-called center of illegal drug trade in Zamboanga city.

Recodo is the place where Yanga led a daring operation in 2012 that saw the arrest of notorious drug kingpin “Bin Laden,” the reason, he said, why he chose the barangay as his initial campaign target.

Yanga spoke before village officials at the Recodo Barangay Hall upon the invitation of WahabIbba, Barangay Captain.

In his speech, Yanga also vowed to defend Recodo residents against the drug menace and thus restore order in the place.

In the same forum, he gave word to apply fair treatment of Recodo residents.

“I will respect unity. Walang pabor pabor. Our common enemy will be the criminals,” Yanga told Recodo officials.

“Si envuelto ustedes na droga, no suporta con Yanga. Kamu ing apasun ko (If you are involved in the illegal drug trade, do not support Yanga. I will run after you,)”, thus warned Yanga against people involved in the illegal drug trade.

Yanga believes that with the illegal drug menace wiped out, Recodo will finally move on towards progress and development, two main aspirations of its residents. (DZT)


1-PACMAN is parading the revival of a pioneering approach to job generation.

And the party list assures is very doable.

This announcement was bared in view of noticeable promises being made by several politicians, including party lists, to give employment to the jobless.

A 1-PACMAN spokesman made the disclosure as he heralded its No. 1 nominee, Dr. Mikee Romero as the one who can achieve that feat. He cited the proven capability of Romero in jobs generation. As of the present, he said, Romero has given out more than 100 thousand jobs to individuals. And the number is ever-growing.

On the difference of 1-PACMAN to other politicians and party lists, he boasted, Mikee has a clear-cut program, split in three stages - immediate, medium and long term, confessing that it is not really possible to open so many jobs overnight. Mikee will be labeled a liar to claim such capability. And that explains why his work generating program is divided in three stages, limiting his explanation to only the immediate or temporary one, contending that if he still touches on the two others, it will take much time.

He intimated, Mikee and 1-PACMAN will simply revive the Emergency Employment Authority (EEA), a tested program implemented by the late President Diosdado Macapagal, who gave out temporary employment to the jobless; such as cleaning canals, rivers, and streets. Their primary duty is limited to keeping surroundings clean.

In Metro Manila, he cited, esteros and canals are clogged up, and dumped with garbage. Government does clean them, yes, but there’s no stopping people from dumping garbage into them. And clogged up waterways cause flooding of streets at the slightest rainfall. Thus, the added plan of 1-PACMAN is to employ the jobless to keep those places clean, with additional responsibility of guarding against the dumping of garbage in esteros and rivers.

The spokesperson also admitted, their pay will be slightly lower than the regular daily wage earners because, they will not need to pay for transportation fares and noonday meals, for they will merely be assigned in areas close to where they live.

Secondly, Mikee and 1-PACMAN will create more peace bodies, such as tanods and the like, wherein members will be tasked to guard areas in crime prone areas in their vicinities. They will necessarily be remunerated. As such, they will even feel dignified and worthy citizens.

Self-respect is important to one’s being, he said; thus lessening criminality.

He expressed desire to once again be given the opportunity to explain some other time, the other systems that Mikee plans in creating job opportunities.

How nice!