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Sunday, 03 April 2016 15:01

BY Jimmy Cabato

It’s going to be a very brief noon break for the Lobregat-led LDP today; so, this piece for SS is going to be as it – brief… as in, so the current goes.

* * * *

“Cosa ya este govierno di Aquino. Hala’y hala ya lang man sen na mga jente.” (What kind of on a Aqujno government. It is fleecing the people of money.

This was my wife’s comment upon reading the letter SS contributor received from the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

For having missed submitting a notarized document of the amount of money this representation received as contributions in the 2013 elections together with his Certification of Election expenditures, he is now asked to submit one, three years later.

The submission of subject affidavit would have posed no problem. Per se it can easily be done. But, the point is, Comelec is demanding for a six thousand five hundred pesos (P6,500) compliance fee, with a warning of administrative sanctions upon  con-compliance.

And such sanctions include perpetual disqualification from running in any future political exercises.

SS , depending on the outcome of Jaime “Boday’s” election bid for city councilor on May 9, still has later plans in politics.

So, SS is forced to good. SS has to submit the sworn statement. And pay up!

Tough luck.

And tough glutonous government.

* * * *

On the Boday Cabato chances in upcoming election.

Not that he is my son, but based on the sorties I had joined him since day one, — with humility alongside – SS avers, his entry to city council is a cinch.

People’s reception everywhere we go is given positive. Again, modesty aside, the Cabatos are still loved and respected in this city.

Our feelings are further strengthened, Boday father, Jimmy, was a victim of the demonic PCOS machine in the last polls.

That is the collective comment we receive wherever we go. As a matter of fact, the same reaction has been reverberating since three (3) years ago.

The people voted for Jimmy, but PCOS booted him out.

And the only person with easy access to Malacañang is Mayor Isabelle Salazar.

It’s a good thing, however, the Supreme Court (SC) had demanded Comelec to re-install the safety features of PCOS, the same dog now brandishing a new collar – VCM (Votes Counting Machines).

Our only worry is, if these supposed safety features are really unimpeachable.

There is still, however, one added gladdening aspect. The rift between Celso Lobregat and Salazar has turned to worse. And even worsening to the point of no return!

So, very surely, Lobregat will not allow Beng to again implement her devilish designs. Celso will ensure the VCMs will be closely watched every step of the way. Nol molre room for cheating a Cabato.

With further prayers, the playing field will be fair.

Boday Cabato, as we clearly note and strongly feel, is on the way to the City Council.

And SS’s next political move will surely be in place.

* * * *

Whoops. The alert signal has again sounded. Son beckons, off we are to the 2nd round of sortie to Camino Nuevo.

Hope SS is not that brief. Till then, God be with us all.