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Monday, 04 April 2016 14:07



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… He replied, `Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: `These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me’…” (Mark 7:6, the Holy Bible).

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KIDAPAWAN MASSACRE: A FAILURE OF GOVERNANCE? There is something scandalously anomalous in the famers’ barricade in North Cotabato which is now being derisively called as the Kidapawan Massacre: it would seem that the Aquino government had plenty of money that it could have used to buy rice for distribution to the hungry Mindanao farmers, but it refused to part with that money inexplicably!

The 2015 budget of the Aquino government—which was the budget in force when the Kidapawan Massacre happened on Friday, April 01, 2016—allocated some P88.8 billion for agriculture. Among the programs intended to be funded by that huge allocation was “providing credit for farmers and fisherfolk through the Agriculture Credit Policy Council” (see http://www.rappler.com/move-ph/issues/budget-watch/65227-aquino-2015-agriculture-budget).

The troubling question is, why did not the Aquino government find it in hits heart to use even just .0001 percent of that huge budget to buy the rice that the hungry farmers were asking to be given them? Was it because there is really no concern for the small and the marginalized among the government’s top officials, or was it because the budget is already totally spent at this point? Or, was there simply a failure of governance here?

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LEADERS WHO ARE PSEUDO-CHRISTIANS: What this shows is that, the Aquino government and its top officials are pseudo-Christians, or Christians who profess their faith merely through their lips but not in their hearts and in what they do on a day-to-day basis. With due respect, the officials of this government are certainly among those condemned by Jesus, our God and Savior, in Matthew 15:8, Mark 7:6 and in Isaiah 29:13.

Otherwise, if Aquino and his subalterns are really Christian believers—never mind what religion they may profess to have, if ever they have any religious affiliation at all—they could have imitated the example of Jesus who, being filled with compassion for the poor, proceeded to feed thousands with mere loaves of bread and tiny pieces of fish.

Aquino and his officials could not have missed these examples of Jesus, as they are expounded in church pulpits regularly. The Biblical verses citing these examples are Matthew 14 and Luke 9. If anything at all, these verses are telling the faithful to help the poor, especially those who are hungry and who have nothing to eat.

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WHAT A PRESIDENT, WHAT A CURSE! The real tragedy in all these is the fact that hunger and other woes arising from waterless farms, dry and arid land, and extremely hot temperatures, are not unannounced and sudden occurrences. The Aquino government knew this situation is not unexpected, considering the many information swirling around about global warming and climate change wrecking havoc in the Philippines.

It is clear that President Aquino and his officials chose to do nothing, and in their  usual style of procrastination or blaming past governments for every trouble that erupts in the country, they failed to come up with programs that will not only address the increasingly hot weather but those that will assist our countrymen severely affected by the aberrant weather.

Aquino as usual remained contented with sloganeering. As was his won’t during the last six years that he has been in office, he has been engaged in what is now derisively referred to as “noynoying”, or the inaction of a person even in the face of the gravest problem, hoping that the problem would simply solve itself away. What a president, what a curse!

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