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Monday, 04 April 2016 14:08

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


The 10:00 a.m. scorching sun today forced Sound Snipings (SS) encoder to take a breather from son Jaime “Boday’s sortie in Pasonanca, after making the rounds with him in Salakot Village and Paradise Valley.

Probably, too, it was the hilly terrain of both areas that sapped early the strength of this SS representation and withdraw, missing the group’s next target which is also hilly, Paradise Valley.

Also, probably seeing me sweltering in perspiration, Boday himself, prodded me to take a respite from the campaign and to instead pound a few lines on the keyboard for SS. But for sure, SS will re-join him after lunch break.

In any case – again with humility alongside — the first two sorties gave further proof to the noticeable acceptance of Boday as my replacement in the city council. The only possible denial of a Boday Cabato win on May 9 is another PCOS manipulation.

We sure do hope and pray, the safety features ordered by Supreme Court for Comelec to activate are true safety nets, and not prone to manipulation, as some technical experts say, are.

Otherwise… hmph.

Likewise with Cong. Celso Lobregat seriously noticed to be going for the jugular, it is a cinch, he will not leave the opposing camp do what it was capable of doing with PCOS, the same dog now bearing a new collar named VCM (Vote Counting Machines) - And that is, to rig the polls.

Apart from the loss dealt SS writer in 2013, one other proof of a glaring cheating in the 2013 elections is the thrashing of then three-termer Erbie Fabian.

Admittedly, yes - in a fair election - Erbie, may lose - may. But with an honest vote counting, it is incredulous that Erbie would hardly get only some 35,000 votes in two electoral districts.

Would you believe?

SS does not. In district 2 alone, where he won three times in a row, his votes reached well over one hundred thousand (100,000) each time.

Granting Erbie was truly disliked later, would you believe that some 70 % of district 2 voters hated him?

If, you do, that would already give well over 30,000 votes to Erbie.

With a starting score of already 30,000, that would mean he got zero votes in district 1.

See? A very simple analogy.

But for a 70 % disapproval of voters in district one, who rooted for Erbie in three straight elections to turn against  him and for him to get zero votes in district 1 is not only next to impossible, it is impossble!

An overkill in the highest proportion.

Dios mio!

Makabusung ya se! (It’s Karma-prone. “Karmatic”, if you will.)

* * * *

When SS wrote “Cong. Celso Lobregat is seriously noticed to be going for the jugular”, it was pointedly to that of Mayor Isabelle Salazar’s.

In all of Lobregat’s speaking sorties, his “sunsuman” (Appetitzer) is Salazar. Lobregat each time cites all her faults and failings. He even prompts selected candidates to chide her. Boday is one, which gives him goose bumps as he might become a target of cheating in the polls. But as a believer in the Lobregat leadership, he obliges.

His latest treat is to satirically depict the dramatics of the crying lady. Lobregat shows Beng on screen grinning from ear to ear, then all of a sudden, tara rraaannn, a crying lady.

Whew..! Such theatrics, Lobregat laments.

The point. Should Lobregat manage to bring out the true character of the actress in Beng, who will benefit?

Lobregat himself, seems unlikely. He is going for reelection to Congress, not for a return to City Hall.

A 2019 comeback? Possible. But it’s too early in the day. By 2019, people will forget.

Also, for this May 9 elections, LDP has no candidate for Mayor. Will Celso’s attainment in picturing the true Beng character then be converted into votes for retired Police General Mario Yanga or, say, Albert Cajayon?

To SS, that remains a mystery. What say you?

For his savvy to be benefitted, Lobregat had better endorse a mayoralty candidate.

* * * *

Curtain time again for today. The alert signal had sounded. Son calling father.

Till next time around. See you…