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Tuesday, 05 April 2016 12:10

Sound Snipings

Jimmy Cabato

The scorching sun today in the very open and bare hills of Malagutay proved no hindrance, unlike yesterday, for SS contributor to stick close to son Jaime “Boday” on his group’s house-to-house campaign. And the noontime break also left an open space for SS to grind.
* * * *
Owing to the benevolence of the late Congresswoman-Mayor Ma.Clara Lobregat, the Celso Lobregat-LP-NP coalition campaign sortie at the 18th IB Village was a virtual walk in the park. Effortless and as usual met with warmth, but with a higher beat of tempo. It was like a homecoming for Lobregat as hundreds of members of the 18th IB Village Homeowners Association in Barangay San Roque came out un unison on Sunday, when “Team Colorao” marched in to campaign. The team was spared of the house-to-house task.
It happens, the village was a flagship project of Celso’s mother, Ma’am Calong, who donated several hectares of her land for the construction of the housing project for  soldiers assigned in Zamboanga City and in other parts of Western Mindanao, including their dependents.
And from there, Mrs. Lobregat’s son, now Cong. Celso continued helping the villagers by concreting the access roads from the main avenue of San Roque towards each and every household in that village, a gesture highly appreciated by the residents.
Mrs. Caridad Calungsod who lives in the village said they can never forget what the mother and son have done for them, such as shelter when they didn’t have one and lived in squatter areas before.
“Bien grande gayot de amon debe pabor con Lobregat, ya dale ele canamon tierra y casa para queda el de amon familia, un cosa que hende gat kame olvida,” (We owe a lot of gratitude to Lobregat, she gave our family houses and lots, one thing we can never forget),  Calungsod said in chabacano.
Upon seeing Lobregat in their midst, everyone was very eager to shake his hand, expressing words of gratitude to the solon. (With DZT feeds)
* * * *
1-PACMAN partylist decries some quarters for moves to muddle the issues surrounding its creation and existence, spreading rumors that it is going to be disqualified as a party list because its owner and number one nominee, Dr. Mikee Romero, is very wealthy.
It emphasized, there is no law that says a wealthy individual cannot represent a party list. It admitted that owner and number one nominee of 1-PACMAN is indeed endowed with much wealth, being a very successful businessman. As such, it heralded, while Mikee is not yet in government, but has done a lot to his countrymen, by extending help on his own resources.
Citing examples, it boasted of some 100,000 jobs that Mikee had generated and given out to people. Also, 5,000 needy youth that he had sent to schools as scholars.
Apart from those, is his advocacy to spread government’s sports program to every nook and cranny of the smallest of barangays. If government has done already, it said they believe that there would have been no problem of illegal drugs now.
It is recorded that 98 % of the barangays in Metro Manila are infiltrated by the drug menace. Several families and dreams have been damaged by drugs. That is Mikee’s desire to conquer through sports.
To get these done, it said,  if elected, the first thong 1-PACMAN will do is to legislate the creation of a separate Department of Sports, detaching it from the Department of Education (DepEd) that is taking care of sports development now for the youth.
But because of DepEd’s multifarious problems, ot said, such as lack schools, libraries, computers, books and teachers, sports for the youth is lesser attended to. And Mikee feels there is need for and independent department solely look after sports.
1-PACMAN explained, if the youth are into sports, they will stay away from drugs. And that, as they are active in sports, their mind and body will grow healthy. In view thereof, their grades in school will improve. For when mind and body are weak, they cannot be expected to excel in class. So, it concluded, there is need to hone their mind, spirit and body.
On the possibility that his colleagues in Congress might block his moves, it said, there should be no worry. On that angle, consensus building is Mikee’s field of expertise. It added, Mikee will surely be able to form a coalition to put up the dreamed of Dept. of Sports.
Dear friends, that is how hard-lined, 1-PACMAN is, in pushing for a victory. Every step of the way, it leaves no stone unturned.