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Wednesday, 06 April 2016 11:41




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SCANDAL: ROXAS, TOP CHOICE FOR THOSE WHO WON’T BE VOTED UPON: It was a scandal of epic proportions, alright. I am referring to the news that says Mar Roxas, the standard bearer of President Aquino, of the Liberal Party, and of the so-called “Righteous Path Coalition” in the forthcoming May elections, is the top candidate who won’t be voted upon by voters, according to the survey of the Social Weather Station (SWS) and Businessworld.

Why, big money had already been spent (and is continuing to be spent at present) for the campaign of Mar by Mar himself and his supporters, including Aquino and other big businessmen, and yet, it is earthshaking to know that he is still the most disliked candidate at this point that the May 9 elections is just a few days away.

This has brought great shame, most especially to President Aquino, in the light of his hardcore endorsement of Mar which nevertheless appears to have been ignominiously set side by many voters. Well, this should put to waste and would even give a lie to survey results claiming that Aquino allegedly continues to enjoy high approval and popularity ratings at this point.

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NEWS ON ROXAS SURVEY: NEWSPAPERS HID IT? That notwithstanding, the bigger scandal here appears to be the outright “murder”, as it were, of the news about the results of the Roxas survey that was commissioned by SWS and by Businessworld, perpetrated by almost newspapers around the country. The truth is that, the news was hardly carried by newspapers, even if it already went viral among radio programs the day before.

The question is: why was this news story (that Mar topped the choice of candidates who won’t be voted upon) “killed” and not published by almost all newspapers around the Philippines? Why was it reported only on radio? What could have been the possible reason?

The problem of most newspapers about this news is that, there is proof that their reporters wrote the story and submitted to their editors. If only one or two editors failed or refused to use the story, that could be understandable. But if almost all newspapers did not report the news, what gives? What benefit was bandied about to prevent the publication of a story as newsworthy as this?

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ROXAS TOPPED A SURVEY, AT LAST: Here is a sample of the news story submitted by reporters to their editors on this survey, shared with me by Ludovico Somintac, my partner at “Tambalang Batas at Somintac” (a program over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062 kHz which airs 6-7 am, Mondays to Fridays): “At last, Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas topped a survey.

“But this is with respect to the presidentiables who won’t be voted upon by the voters come May 9. Malacanang immediately contested the methodology used by SWS in conducting the mobile survey, which showed Mar Roxas as the top choice for those who will not be voted upon by the public.

“Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the Palace wanted to know the methodology employed by SWS in its mobile survey, because its results are inconsistent with their monthly surveys, and with the surveys of Pulsa Asia…”

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