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Wednesday, 06 April 2016 11:47



Two news items caught my attention recently. One warned that for the first time in human history, people 65 years old and older will outnumber children under 5 years of age, and the other was the recent cover story of Time Magazine that said porn is a threat to virility.

The immediate thought that came to mind was that these obviously are consequences when nature and God’s laws are tampered with. They are a comeuppance when we play around with nature and God’s laws and follow our own whims and caprices instead. We reap what we sow.

The first item declared that by 2020, this gloomy trend toward an aging global population will have taken place and will just become worse from then on. It is said, at least in theory, that when a country goes below the population replacement rate, the trend becomes irreversible.

“By 2050,” affirmed the U.S. Census Bureau that made the global demographic study, “the proportion of the population 65 and older (15.6%) will be more than double that of children under age 5 (7.2%).”

Who will now take care of the old folks when the productive sector of the population is smaller than the sector to be taken care of? I suppose that when this problem starts to make its bite and sting felt, some of our bright boys may start thinking of euthanasia and the like. We should be thinking instead of repentance and conversion.

The study further stated that the 25 countries mostly affected by this horrific trend are, first, Japan, followed by 22 European countries and Canada and Puerto Rico. These are the countries that have installed intense population control programs and have, in fact, made population control part of their culture.

I would not be surprised if China, though still having a big population in absolute terms, is entering in that direction. Its two-child policy is just a terrible thing to have. Same with Singapore that somehow has repented from their intensive population control program decades ago. Now it is cajoling its people, giving all kinds of incentives, to reproduce more. Let’s wish them luck.

We in our country have to learn our lessons from this disturbing world development. While we have to contend with all sorts of economic, social and political problems, not to mention, to cope with an aggressive liberal ideology that calls for unrestrained population control, we should avoid falling into the same policy that only gives at best some short-term breather but assures us of long-term and permanent disaster.

Yes, we have poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, etc., but all these do not warrant a systematic program of population control, not averse to using artificial means and other coercive measures.

Blaming our population for these problems is a very simplistic way of resolving our national issues. We have to move away from that mindset. We should be wary of the temptation to make unnatural and sinful short-cuts to solve our problems. Population control is a false solution to these problems.

The second news item that caught my attention made me chuckle to realize that at last a liberal magazine like Time has finally taken note of the danger of pornography. Though I have not read the report online since it was restricted only to its subscribers, I can only express some satisfaction that it isdiscovering what our Christian faith has long time ago established.

I still have to find out what it means by virility and how porn can constitute a threat to it. For all we know, it most likely may just peg these concepts to the animal part of our being without making any reference to our spiritual nature and our supernatural end.

I find Time, like all the other liberal magazines, averse to making any spiritual and supernatural references to its studies and researches, perhaps because of its thinking that such references would belie the scientific nature of their efforts. Hardly anything else can be farther than the truth.

But then again, we should just be happy that at last there are signs that these liberal outlets are acknowledging something that point somehow to the spiritual, moral and supernatural character of our life.

Pornography, for sure, debases our humanity. It perverts our masculinity and femininity. By simply arousing venereal pleasures, it extricates our human sexuality from its basic purpose of love and self-giving.

It will not be long before we begin to suffer the dire consequences of this disorder. We become slaves of our passions just as we destroy the powers of our superior faculties of intelligence and will that ultimately need to be fed by faith, hope and charity.