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Thursday, 07 April 2016 11:56

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

To dramatize my frustrations yesterday, SS will share again a briefly composed item after going through some times. Here goes – “The past half of the day, Lady Luck was not with me.

Having Lost six thousand five hundred pesos (P6,500) to Comelec, SS had to skip the sortie of son Jaime “Boday” in Sinunuc, so as to encode the affidavit, have it notarized, then on to the Post Office to secure Postal Money Orders to pay the demanded compliance fee and sent via registered mail.

Availing of the hour or so extra time left after complying with the Comelec demand and before the second sojourn with son, SS started researching for newsworthy items, began grinding the article.

Not even halfway through it, pffft... lights out.

All saved news bits and write-up deleted.

Tough luck. So, this brief fb version now comes to you. It’s almost shoving off time for Boday. Have to join up. Till next time. Better luck to us all.”

And got a call from neighbor Table Talk complaining of the same misfortune.

* * * *

In the Lobregat-headed opposing camp to the local Salazar-led Liberal Party (LP), the by-word now is “No mete cun Beng, si nuquiere bo queda igual cun Jimmy Cabato. (Don’t touch on Beng, if you do not like to become like Jimmy Cabato.)

That is the threat being waged by Salazar rah rah boys. Obviously, the warning is in reference to the defeat suffered by this keyboardist in the 2013 polls.

Having scored two (2) number one rankings in six (6) local council elections, with the second  No. 1 only in the preceding polls next to 2013’s, the rest were number three 3 and 4.

This writer, had only one low-ranking win at 11th in 1995, when the elections still covered the entire city, as there was then only one congressional district—and at a time when this representation newly returned from the US after an absence in the city for almost a year.

To top it all, your friend here was with a rag-tag political army of Boying Lopez and Rini Climaco that battled the combined forces of then Cong. Ma. Clara Lobregat and Mayor Vitaliano Agan.

And believe you me, in that 1995 slam bang, the farthest barangay in the east coast this “pen-pusher” ( In  quotation marks now as the term has become obsolete with the advent of computers), was Pasobolong; and in the west, Sinunuc, prompting Mario Roca to call me by phone. And vividly remembered, his words were, “Sir Jim, hende man tu serioso na ditu Campania. Quilaya se? (Sir Jim, you are not serious with your campaign. How is that?)

My answer was, “Mar, masquin man pusak que pusak yo, si nuquiere kumgo el jente, hende sila hay vota. Si quiere sila kumigo, masquin hende yo man pusak, basta sabe lang sila ta corre yo, hay vota sila kumigo.” (Mar, even if I struggle and struggle, if people do not like me, they will not vote for. If they like me, even if I do not struggle, they will vote for me.

And thank God, I did. In a thank you note to people, I remember having wrote - “With very little resources, time and effort, muchas gracias, at No. 11 you made me Double No. 1.”

Dear friends, with that kind of a winning record, do you think I lost the elections of 2013?

As for me - in all honesty - I declare, “No, not in my wildest dream.” The demon-like PCOS, through you know who’s influence and money, did me in.

And that threat warned of opposing candidates to Beng Salazar, is the proof.

No last-minute drama, even tears, especially those of a crocodile’s, can put a loved man down.

* * * *

Movie and Television celebrity, a Basilan born Zamboangueño, John Estrada wrote in to pitch for 1-PACMAN.

He said, his services have been enlisted to join up in the nationwide motorcades the party list is conducting at an expeditious heavy pace. After browsing over the party platform, advocacies, plans and programs, he did not hesitate to join up, he said. Less than about two weeks ago, he was here to grace the morning convoy. In the afternoon, he presided over a press conference batting for 1-PACMAN.

In his note now, he announced 1-PACMAN’s pioneering approach of reviving a job generation program, that he assured, is very doable.

He said, this announcement comes in view of noticeable promises being made by several politicians, including party lists, to give employment to the jobless.

In so doing, he boasted of the party lists’ No. 1 nominee, Dr. Mikee Romero as the man who can achieve that goal. He mentioned the tested capability of Mikee in jobs generation efforts. As of the present, he said, Romero has given out more than 100 thousand jobs to individuals. And the number is ever-growing.

On the difference of 1-PACMAN to other politicians and party lists, he prided that Mikee has a clear-cut program, split in three stages - immediate, medium and long term, confessing that it is not really possible to open so many jobs overnight. Mikee will be labeled a liar to claim such capability. And that explains why his work generating program is divided in three stages, limiting his explanation to only the immediate or temporary one, contending that if he still touches on the two others, it will take much time.

He telegraphed, Mikee and 1-PACMAN will simply revive the Emergency Employment Authority (EEA), a tested program implemented by the late President Diosdado Macapagal, who gave out temporary employment to the jobless; such as cleaning canals, rivers, and streets. Their primary duty is limited to keeping surroundings clean.

In Metro Manila, he cited, esteros and canals are clogged up, and dumped with garbage. Government does clean them, yes, but there’s no stopping people from dumping garbage into them. And clogged up waterways cause flooding of streets at the slightest amount of rainfall. Thus, the added plan of 1-PACMAN is to employ the jobless to keep those places clean, with additional responsibility of guarding against the dumping of garbage in esteros and rivers.

Earlier on, a 1-PACMAN spokesman admitted, their pay will be slightly lower than the regular daily wage earners because, they will not need to pay for transportation fares and noonday meals, for they will merely be assigned in areas close to where they live.

Secondly, Mikee and 1-PACMAN will create more peace bodies, such as tanods and the like, wherein members will be tasked to guard areas in crime prone areas in their vicinities. They will necessarily be remunerated. As such, they will even feel dignified and worthy citizens.

Self-respect is important to one’s being, he said; thus lessening criminality.

He expressed desire to once again be given the opportunity to explain some other time, the other systems that Mikee plans in creating job opportunities.

* * * *

The Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) predicts tougher times in the month ahead as water production dropped by 50%.

As of now, several sectors have felt the telling effects of “El Niño” on health, agri and aqua culture.

The agri-fisheries sector has reported a P24 million value loss and around 1,200 farmers affected.

City Agriculturist Diosdado Palacat said the City is mobilizing its resources to provide immediate support and assistance such as drilling activities, distribution of water tanks, and rice assistance, to farmers and partners affected by the drought. (With DZT newsfeeds)

* * * *

Vice presidential aspirant Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has wrested the lead from rival Sen. Chiz Escudero as his ratings surged in two separate surveys, taking the solo lead going into the final month of the 45-day campaign.

The Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC)-dzRH Third Wave Survey Result on April 2, 2016 showed Marcos swelling to 29.8 percent, edging out his closest rival Escudero, who garnered 22.6 percent.

In third place was Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano at 18.4 percent, followed by Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo who got 17.8 percent.

Senators Antonio Trillanes 4th and Gregorio Honasan garnered 5.5 percent and 4.3 percent, respectively.

The survey used face-to-face interview with 7,490 respondents from randomly selected barangay (villages) in various provinces, harnessing the strength of the largest radio network in Asia.

Marcos also took the lead in the latest Pulsong Pilipino survey.

The non-commissioned survey conducted from March 16 to 22, 2016 by the Issues and Advocacy Center showed Marcos getting 27 percent of the “votes,” three percent higher than Escudero, who got 24 percent.

In the same poll, Robredo got 21 percent, Cayetano, 14 percent, Trillanes, seven percent and Honasan, five percent.

Ed Malay, director of the Center, said the survey showed the so-called millennials seemingly gravitating toward Marcos, whose campaign platform is anchored on unity and progress. (TMT feeds)