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Saturday, 09 April 2016 15:11

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

As you may very well know by now, SS contributor is in the thick of the campaign for barangay captain-son Jaime “Boday”, a council aspirant; so, he simply squeezes in time to pound on the keyboard whenever able.

And to keep up the writing habit regained in the past months, SS will still come out, but today hard-pressed for time, SS will be filled with quoted portions from worthy news items. Here goes.

* * * *

Zamboanga City Second District Rep. Lilia Macrohon has turned harsher, going into the final weeks of the campaign, as she lashed back at critics who alleged that she was trying to grab political credit for the implementation of the Lamisahan Bridge project.

Sharply she charged, “I am afraid my critics are resorting to blatant lies and are maliciously trying to muddle the issue just to discredit me,”

Nuno is seeking reelection under “Team Colorao.

She further expressed her earlier thoughts that this campaign was to be characterized by level-headed discussions of programs of government so that the electorate can choose their political leaders wisely. It is sad, she added that her detractors are resorting to lies and misrepresentation of facts.

Nuno disclosed, she did make representations with Public Works Secretary Jose Singson and Budget Secretary Butch Abad for the allocation of funds from the national coffers for the construction of the Lamisahan Bridge after her intervention was sought in two City Council resolutions that were duly endorsed by Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar.

She first bristled criticisms against Mayor Salazar, when the latter was poised to field Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde against her. She spoke then of a broken virtue of debt of gratitude.

Lately, she spewed accusation of VIPs involved in the uncontrolled smuggling of rice, sugar and other goods in this city

She should know, for husband Kajie Amman once told me a life partner of a top politician is allegedly heading the syndicate of smugglers, earning no less than P20 per bag of rice; and that smuggled rice and goods come in by boat loads, containing thousands of bags each time. (DZT feeds)

* * * *

On the other hand, seven councilors accused by Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar as “saboteurs” on Wednesday slammed the mayor and branded her as “liar”.

Mayor Salazar had earlier said that the seven councilors are answerable to the people for disapproving nine proposed infrastructure projects which were recommended for emergency negotiated contracts.

Emergency? Was there risks to lives and properties?

We doubt.

The seven councilors under the Team Colorao said that the mayor might have forgotten the functions of the executive and legislative branches of government.

Councilor Percival Ramos explained that he was cautious in approving such projects especially after he discovered alleged anomalies in the Masepla transition site.

“I decided to refer such proposal to the committee to prevent repeat of Masepla. We are the ones protecting the mayor, we corrected the mistakes and we don’t tolerate it. She should be thankful to us,” Ramos said.

Councilor Noning Biel said he was surprised during that session because he saw the contractors in the session hall gallery and asked them about such projects, but they answered they did not know anything about it.

“I can recall that I even asked the contractors about such projects, but they said they didn’t know anything about so it’s irregular, it’s very doubtful,” Biel said.

Charlie Mariano, on one hand, branded the mayor as a “cry baby” and a “dictator”.

He said that this is not the end of the road for the nine proposed projects, if the mayor really wanted to implement it, if she wins after election period, this can be implemented by her, why the hurry?, he questioned.

Mariano said that since they are talking of negotiated projects which is not normally done in previous administration and even last year, it’s suspicious, so they should be above suspicion.

“   We are safeguarding public funds.... that is what we are doing, let us respect each other,” Mariano said. (DZT-sourced)

* * * *

Congressman Celso L. Lobregat joins in the fray and spicingly brutal.

He says, “The mayor is the dictator not me.”

Mincing no words, this was the quick answer of Lobregat to statements of Mayor Isabelle Climaco Salazar branding him as a dictator and calling his councilors as “saboteurs” for failing to support the projects of her administration in the city council.

In effect exposing the theatrical expertise of the Mayor, Lobregat showed a video clip to depict her dramatics, He then quipped, “Ya mira man ustedes na interview cunele, primero bien alegre gayot ele acabar ta llura ya. Cosa ya, bien plastic man gayot. Ele el dictadora. Never in my nine years as mayor of Zamboanga City did I call the councilors for a special session and ask them to immediately approve a resolution in emergency circumstance,” Lobregat said.

Likewise, the congressman also showed the media a photo of Salazar with her councilors and contractors having discussion in one establishment before the council session started.

So there! Bung! El punta’y pono. Haggling with contrators! – they, with whom the contracts were negotiated.

Do we have to bare what the discussions were about? In negotiations, there are negocios. In negocio, there are pamis patus. ALAM NA!

And according to Lobregat, the special session was conducted few days before the election ban and there were nine projects costing millions of pesos that she was trying to pursue in the Sangguniang and was asking the councilors to immediately pass and approve without the proper documents.

The congressman also disclosed that all the projects were negotiated and did not pass the right process.

Meanwhile, the seven councilors who were also present during the press conference asked Salazar to stop bullying them and also to stop lying to the electorates.

“It is not true that we are against the implementation of the projects, but the manner she is presenting it in the council. Hora-horada ya presenta canamun, nuay sigui na proceso.        Acabar negotiated contracts pa. Hora ya de election porque ta acava el resuello manda aprova cunel resolution cay ay usa el ganancia para election?” the seven councilors similarly said. (TZT-fed))