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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 14:41

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Re-electionist Congressman Celso Lobregat of District 1 is spewing more fire going into the  final stages pf the campaign.

Continuously in all his Red Team-led rallies and pulong-pulongs, he never let a moment go without exposing his ire on a former underling, now biting the hands that virtually molded her in Zamboanga City politics. At every opportunity, he minces no words in revealing is displayed as no sense of gratitude and expertise in dramatics and theatrical politics, showing video clips of ger smiling from ear to ear and at the bat of an eyelash, crying.

Now, he has trained his cannon toward rival Crisanto “Monsi” dela dela Cruz, who fancies himself as servant leader, sending a strong message to stick to facts on issues he is bringing out in public,

Lobregat was reacting to Dela Cruz’ statement saying the unending issues of water scarcity, blackout and lack of infrastructure facilities in the city has been existing since his stint for nine years as city mayor and six years as House Representative of District 1.

Lobregat said that Dela Cruz is talking to the wind and his statement is baseless and unfounded, just meant to create issues to malign him in public.

“Dela Cruz, as a former priest, should speak the facts and not lies just to create a political propaganda against me, I have the documents and track record to speak and my notes are not enough to mention everything I have accomplished under my administration,” Lobregat said.

“He (Dela Cruz) must be dreaming, he can check on the records of city hall what I have done as a Mayor, in Zamboanga City Water District for the countless efforts I did to strengthen the water facilities of the city and in ZAMCELCO as well to know my efforts to obtain a sustainable electricity supply in the city,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat said that his administration is tried and tested and can be trusted that is why the people have put their trust on him and gave him the  mandate to lead.

He said that since opponent is desperate he will not give any chance of making baseless accusations against him and his entire slate in the LDP-Nacionalista and Adelante Zamboanga Coalition. – (With feeds by Dexter Yap in DZT)

* * * *

“When one decides to throw his/her self in a political race, there must be no stalling. No hesitation. No reluctance.”

In a recent item here, that was what we wrote.

Further noticing the perseverance and consistency of 1-PACMAN party list, SS cannot help but do a repeat on that strong point. Here goes -

“So as it is with party lists. And one such party list that shows no stalling, no hesitation and no reluctance is 1 - PACMAN.

Early on, 1-PACMAN has shown buoyancy in its moves. Remarkable.

The indefatigable man at the helm of 1-Pacman is Dr. Mikee Romero. And it even looks as if the group runs its own newspaper column titled CF-1.

1-PACMAN has three nominees, and the 1st is Romero, who admits to be without past experience in politics. As such, he sheepishly says, inexperienced as he is - he avoids speeches - and instead will simply do what he promises to do if ever his party is blessed with a win.

Inexperienced in politics, maybe, but Romero has vast know-how in the field of business and education, having made a big name in housing projects, livelihood programs for the poor, and in younger days had a business stint in Singapore. He also had teaching experience in Ateneo and La Salle.

Added to his honor is the business boom in North Harbor, the transformation of the sea travel system that saw led to the felt comfort and convenience of sea faring.

Likewise, the lowering of air fare is attributed to Romero when he opened his Air Asia firm, and dove his air rates, prompting others to follow.

True enough, this Party List is named 1-PACMAN, with Manny Pacquiao having had a hand in it sometime ago, but as early as sometime in July of last year, Pacquiao let go of his participation in it, due to his plan to run for senator. And as Romero was already part of it then, he took hold of its reins and chose to retain 1-PACMAN for its identity.

Romero says, while Pacquiao had severed ties with 1-PACMAN, he stills supports the group because he likes their advocacies, which includes sports.

Its two other advocacies are education and livelihood.

In sports, Romero plans to take athletics deep into the barangays, in the hope of discovering new athletes with potentials to compete on the international level, as well as to keep the youth away from vices such as drugs, alcohol and gambling.

In education, he says, there is a dearth of funds for it. Thus, his plan is to increase support to DepEd and CHED. There is need to build more school buildings, modern electronic gadgets, such as wifi-equipped computers, well-buttressed libraries and others, as well grant extensive opportunities for scholarships, he said.

There is also need to see to the health and nutrition of school children, explaining that with unhealthy and hungry students