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Friday, 15 April 2016 15:13

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Sorry for the missed editions of SS these days. Please understand, SS contributor, as a father has filial obligations to a son seeking a seat in the City Council. SS has is not only obliged but obligated to do support son, Jaime “Boday”.

And which father would not. Please pardon me. Sorry again for the misses.And you can very well see, whenever breaks allows, SS grinds.

* * * *

Indigenous Peoples’ representative Councilor Ismael Musa adds fire to his rhetotrics on the Mayor Beng Climaco replies to the Masepla controversy, in effect depicting th Mayor as a liar.

Musa was shocked over the revelations of the Mayor with regards the local government initiatives in the recent developments undertaken in the Masepla transitory site in Mampang.

Musa said that he did not expect the mayor to tell blatant lies in front of the IDPs themselves who are part of the sector represented during the recent debate sponsored by a private university and the Comelec.

“It is a big insult to us, the marginalized sector because we are being used and abused by the local officials, the mayor is misleading us with her revelations, she is not telling the truth, bien claro ta man-imbusteriyas el mayor canaton,” Musa lashed..

To his dismay, the appointed city dad stated that he himself was not expecting Mayor Beng to utter those deceptions in a public forum, which Musa described as a real manifestation of fooling the people by way of informing them the divisive facts on the confronted issue.

“The Masepla issue is not political, it is a real issue and existing. She should confront it and tell the truth and not to mislead the public in general,” Musa said.

Musa said that he’s hats off to Congressman Celso Lobregat for revealing the truth and informing the public of the real score about the facts of this timely issue during the same public forum last week.

Recall that Lobregat rebutted the mayor on this issue sensing that she was lying and confusing the public on this matter. Lobregat’s statement during the forum states:

“You mentioned Masepla and you mentioned the IDPs. Unfortunately, the City Government was asking for more houses to be built temporary, only to find out that there were 400 houses that were originally built, 161 were not occupied and were demolished by the City Government.”

“Why would the City Government ask for more houses, when they demolished their own houses? As for permanent relocation centers, Yes! We should build back not only better; we should build back the best.”

Coming from a leader of the IDPs, those indeed are praisewothty words. SS also takedx of it hat to to Councilor Musa. ( With DZT newsfeeds from DZT)

* * * *

Last issue’s feature of a Duterte-Marcos lead in survey polls is no fluke. That is what even Pulse Asia shows in its most recent results.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. are the runaway winners in the presidential and vice presidential pre-election survey..

The survey, commissioned by ABS-CBN and conducted from March 29 to April 3, showed Duterte enjoying a five-percentage point lead over his closest rival Sen. Grace Poe. Duterte got the nod of 30 percent of the respondents while Poe had 25 percent.

In the vice presidential race, Marcos pulled away from Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero with 28 percent against the latter’s 21 percent.

On Monday, the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed Duterte and Marcos leading the two races. The poll was conducted from March 30 to April 2.

The Pulse Asia survey showed that Poe suffered a three-percent drop from her rating in the previous survey.

The latest poll used face-to-face interviews with 4,000 respondents and had a ±1.5% error margin at the 95 percent confidence level.

In the Pulse Asia survey held from March 15 to 20, Duterte placed second to Poe with a rating of 24 percent, four percentage points lower than the senator’s 28 percent.

Vice President Jejomar Binay of the United Nationalist Alliance and Liberal Party’s Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd were statistically tied at third place with 20 percent and 19 percent, respectively.

Based on the previous survey, Binay also dropped by three percentage points while Roxas’ rating was unchanged.

* * * *

1-PACMAN does not limit itself only to political powerplays, the striving party list extends its concerns even to factual and vital political matters.

On the slaying of three (3) farmers in the Kidapawan dispersal action by government, 1-PACMAN shows its trepidations of it.

-PACMAN has expressed sadness over what it described as a heartbreaking incident. It is tragic that people forced to voice their protest over the shortage of food are met with violent actions. They were simply pleading government for food, and government responded with bullets, not rice.

Government alleged that a group of leftists infiltrated the protesters and initiated trouble.

That is not a valid reason, 1-PACMAN said in a press statement. 1-PACMAN’s position is simple. The farmers should have been shelled out with assistance even before “El Niño” struck. We all knew, the phenomenon was in our midst – coming, the statement said.

Congress even allocated fifty eight million pesos (P58 m) as calamity fund to cushion the effects of the drought..

The party list’s question is, whatever happened to the P58? Where the millions go?

It also questioned government’s other claim that the farmers did not ask for assistance, and so they were blind to their plight..

Such callousness, 1-PACMAN stated. And according to its first nominee, Dr. Mikee Romero, there was no need for the farmers to beg. Government knew of the farmers’ state of despondency. They did not have to cry for alms.

The state also claimed, famers had to follow certain policies and procedures.

What for is the grass, if the horse is already dead?, Romero decried.

Blood should not have to be shed for government to act.

And that is one other point that 1-PACMAN will address. Government is so shot full of red tape. Red tape must be rid of, Romero stressed. The lesser fortunate are pitiful.    Already denied of food, they are still burdened with several processes, when they do not even have money for transportation expenses, he rued. “The heck with queues upon queues to see government officials.”, Romero remorse.

On that bloody dispersal act, 1-PACMAN has only one position. Those responsible for the tragedy must be charged and dealt the corresponding penalties. In addition, the farmers must be given outright financial help in order that they will have enough food on their tables. And, if needed, be given substantial loans to tide them over this dry spell till their lands may be tilled again.

And better still, government is duty-bound to take these assistances direct to the place and homes of the hungry farmers. Care and colncdern must bed shown to give dignity, 1-PACMAN said.

Such is the way 1-PACMAN shows the way for government to act.

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