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Friday, 15 April 2016 15:14


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

We’re now in a modern world where almost everything that happens on sight is what they call hi-tech. How we live today is totally different from the way they had been in 1900.

In our present communication system the most common hi-tech gadget is the cellphone or mobile phone. For us in the barrio several years ago, we had to use the phone of the affluent neighbors in time of emergency or urgent call. If they happen to be unfriendly, never mind. Or pay five pesos for the phone in an establishment downtown. Those are things of the past that still could be remembered.

Today you buy a cell phone, charge its battery and buy a few pesos of load — bingo! You can communicate with anyone anywhere if you have his number even if you are inside the CR. That’s the beauty of modern technology.

Naturally the main purpose of this popular sophisticated gadget throughout the world is  to improve the communication system which is so vital in our modern way of living. All fields in the human world need accurate and speedy means of communication, such as security, medical, transportation, etc.

According to studies conducted by a special group of communicators in Europe, the Philippines is the number one country having the biggest number of users, subscribers or patronizers of mobile phones worldwide. Millions of texters are sending messages everyday. Hence, we’re the biggest contributor to the tremendous wealth of IT tycoons in America and Europe.

No question about the benefits and advantages derived from this small electronic device in the hands of people from all walks of life, young and old, rich or poor.

However, we have also to admit that this cellphone is a waste of money or an additional burden especially to indigent parents of students. Texting or calling just to say hello, tell a joke or a funny story or a mere gesture of infatuation certainly not worth of the 20 or 50 pesos of load everyday, aside from the tricky way of depleting the load or expiring mysteriously. Many users have been complaining about it including members of Congress, but until now NTC has done nothing to protect our basic right as consumers of the technology service

Another thing, the text mania has influenced badly the English grammar and spelling power of students. Instead of learning good English or improving what’s in their head, most of them go the jejemon style. This is detrimental to what DepED is doing to improve the quality of graduates at the end of the school year.

Mind you, the intelligence level or knowledge retention of the students in selected schools showed a considerable decline according to a research conducted by a group of post graduates. It has been brought to the attention of DepED officials and remedial measures are discussed thoroughly to address the issue.

On the other hand, the lawless elements like the kidnappers, robbers, extortionistd, drug dealers, terrorists, etc. are using cellphones in committing heinous crimes. It is also used as triggering device by bombers, based on police investigation reports.

We’re talking only of cellphones. In this modern world of today there are many kinds of hi-tech gadgets and equipment that caused so much change in the life of man. While many are enjoying the amazing outcome of modern technology, some are victimized and losers. Common sense, next time.

Technology, through the wonder of science has two faces: one is to bring about progress and developments; the other is to destroy humanity, a German professor said many years ago.