Of power and politics PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 April 2016 13:36


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Know all the candidates, scrutinize their platforms of government. Make the right choice and vote wisely. This is the usual advices or frequent reminders from COMELEC officials and the advocates of good government. In line with this, COMELEC had come up with the no-holds bar debates among the presidentiables to provide electorates with the essential opportunity for us to do our homework expediently in Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon.

This is a laudable move to ensure a clean election which shall be truly reflective of the people’s will. But the nagging problem remains. It’s the power interruption that hampered the implementation of this special program on radio and television. The people were dumfounded, open-mouth waiting for the power to come back so they can listen to the debates that would help them in making the proper choice. Matter of  fact, a big number of voters have no sufficient knowledge about the real character of the candidates vying for the highest political post in our government. Most of them are informed only through media broadcasts, political drumbeaters and sidewalk conversations which, most often than not, are mere gossips or biased and dubious informations.

Remember,  when you make the wrong shading on the ballot to elect someone unfit for the helm in Malacanang, that would be a disaster for another six years prolonging all those that you want to be changed for the upliftment of our country and fellowmen. A false move of your pen means a defeat in our struggle for reforms and changes, our quest for justice and peace, and a real progressive Philippines before the eyes of every Filipino regardless of stature in life.

The present administration is always proud in telling us that the energization program is successfully spreading throughout the country rescuing many remote sitios and villages from darkness although the presence of obstacles and setbacks cannot be denied, such as substandard materials, overpricing, kickbacks, etc.

A number of electric cooperatives including Zamboanga’s very own are reportedly facing financial difficulties and enormous system loss which caused irremediable power shortages aggravated by the so-called global warming due to climate change.

Consumers asked: Normally how long will it take our coop to operate the gen-sets bought from foreign nation — six months, one year or more? Is such delay not caused by the so-called red tape? The current intermittent power interruptions not only bring discomfort to the people, but hampers economic activities of the city government as well as heightens the security risk amid the impending threats from lawless elements.

At this point and time, many can sit as GM, but no one can heal the coop from the malignant illness of power deficiency. It’s just like a healthy young man who turned his back from all advices, plunged into an extreme lifestyle and got hooked to all forms of vices until he fell ill in bed. That’s our ZAMCELCO. No need for contrition, regret or blaming anyone. It’s useless. Nothing can be done. Close your eyes and wait for the end to come.

However, ZAMCELCO is a non-living thing, although it’s composed by millions of living souls. But apparently it exists at the dictates of a few privileged fawners, subdued to their wishes and desires. Nevertheless, it can still rise back to its feet, be healed and soon totally recovered provided a drastic change be imposed in order to make it a cooperative in the true sense rendering equal treatment to all member-consumers even to the poorest.  No special privilege, no favoritism.

Transparency repulses suspicion or mistrust that may arise where the action is, said a university professor.