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Friday, 22 April 2016 13:31


BY Sarita Sebastian

Everyday as I wake up, I thank Our Creator for the blessings He has been providing my family most especially to my children. I always ask God Almighty  to guide me, strengthen me and most of all ,control my precious temper, because I can blow up more than a dynamite when pushed to the wall.

My personality is an open book. I  can SPIT  fire , if you ask for it. I don’t care if you are the son or daughter of the rich and famous. For as long as I know I didn’t cross the line and yet you stab my back,expect a retaliation from me, HEAD ON!

Much as I want to live a quiet and peaceful life, unfortunately, the forces of evil  will really try to find its way to get our attention, sigh, but that’s the reality. I wonder how some people enjoy doing “cubarde” acts. Maybe it’s a sign of their insecurities in life, but sorry, I don’t have time for shits.

I did not grow up in a perfect family environment, but my parents never ceased to instill in our minds the value of respect and helping others, que pobre or rico, si necesita tu ayuda,  dale! My late father always stressed: Numas lancia na atras del hente, si tiene que debe aclara, conversa na hente concierne porser todo se acabo!


I am not being ungrateful, but because of the bad experiences I have encountered in the government, I have convinced my professional kids not to work with the state. Having brought them up in a fragile way, God forbid, they will not be able to stomach the shenanigans in the government.

In other countries,their government employees are always proud of their workplace. Here in our nation, when you tell people that you work in the government,they will say this “really? Seriously?” Such a pity for us.

Half of my working age was with the private sector. It was full of energy, full of inspiration and full of excitement. Our aim was to give our best shot to reach the organization’s goal. The best part was, we work as a team, no stabbing or malingering, because we recognize the fact , that each of us possesses our distinct qualities that can positively contribute for the best of the company we are in. And truly, it was cool.

Unfortunately ,as the years went on, it gave me the clear picture regarding the difference, working with the government and the private sector.We cannot expect a perfect work environment, but the only consolation is that we can still filter what to absorb and not to absorb. If verbalizing your sentiments can help, then do it baby in your own tune, shout or scream if need be...without remorse or regret.So bring it ON!


Serca ya gayod elecion ding....escuji muy bien. manada gayod sila maga promesas. Ojala ay guia canaton todo el Dios. Maka triste mira tan pelyahan mga candidato, prinsipiando na level nacional y local...tsk tsk....ojala ay acaba ya el elecion, para pacifico ya tamen el Pinas, nuh baby? Mmissy, huggy n kissy, lol! — Email me at