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Friday, 22 April 2016 13:32

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Yesterday’s SS piece was again ground not in-between breaks in the campaign sortie of Council aspirant-son, Jaime “Boday”.

It was written early morning under two circumstances. First, their sortie was in Sta. Maria. And some 3 or 4 days ago, SS keyboardist had already made an advance rounds in the big communities of that barangay.

Thus writer expresses public gratitude to Number 1 Kagawad Los Ely Angeles, who had recommended  a guide for me. The guide was Marks, a former blue guard at the SP. And it turned out, Marks was a thorough escort, as he proved well versed with the crisscrossing metes and bounds of Sta. Maria.

And today, another kagawad also merits public gratitude, not only from the Cabato family, but from the entire Celso-led retinue, too. This kagawad placed second in the last elections. She is Girlie Atilano Bazan, who proved very gracious and an affably hospitable hostess. She served breakfast not only to the candidates, but to all “alalays” supporters, flier givers and poster tuckers, as well.

To Los Ely and Girlie, top placer kagawads both, in Sta. Maria, muchas gracias por vuestros ayudas.

And today’s piece was written ahead of time, on Wednesday, the 20th, but only on the second attempt. The first turned out a fluke. Tough luck struck anew. Almost half-way through with the writeup… pffft… the lights went off. Writeup gone. Good thing son Jaime “Boday”, thick into the campaign spared me from joining up today feeling the sortie in Sta. Maria is relaxed because of my advance rounds of Sta. Maria earlier, allowing a return to the keyboard to grind SS. Thank God.

* * * *

In our edition of SS yesterday, we featured a TMT item on the survey results of Pulse Asia that showed Davao City Mayor and leading presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte widenikng his lead over closest rivals, prompting SS to quip, “…whatever is in store for the foul mouth of a presidential hopeful remains to be seen in the next few days in view of his rape talk.” And SS never ventured predicted anything.

Now, however, having read this later on the same day and on a different paper, and of a different survey outfit, on two points to be explained at the conclusion of this entry, it would be safe to foresee that Duterte has just dug his own grave.

The news item, courtesy of PS reads - “Before he uttered his controversial remarks about a rape victim, tough-talking Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte widened his lead over closest rival Sen. Grace Poe in the presidential survey conducted by Pulse Asia.

The ABS-CBN-commissioned poll, taken from April 5 to 10, showed 32 percent of 4,000 registered voters nationwide rooting for Duterte.

The survey, which has an error margin of plus or minus 1.5 percent, was undertaken prior to Duterte’s controversial remark about the rape and murder of an Australian missionary in a Davao jail in 1989.

The line immediately written above (The survey,… was undertaken prior to Duterte’s controversial remark about the rape and murder of an Australian missionary), coupled by the first line above (“Before he uttered his controversial remarks about a rape victim…”) say it all. His meteoric rise was yet untainted by the final nail that sealed his coffin.

What bears watching now with barely two weeks left to D-day is, if he can again recover as he was able to after his cursing His Holiness, the Pope.

Earlier on, he seemed to have also survived his entanglement with the labor sector, when he said, if they continue organize labor unions, “I will kill you all.”

In both other blunders, he was nailed to the cross, but survived.

With two weeks left of the campaign period, will he resurrect this time?

His latest fiasco was committed recently in a campaign sortie in Quezon City last April 13. Duterte said he was angry that Australian Jaqueline Hamill, then 36, who had been raped by the inmates, was “so pretty” that “he should have done it first.” (With PS feeds)

* * * *

As stated earlier, we will be seeing 1-PACMAN more and more as the eIection  campaihn draws to an end. This time, the party list makes its presence felt by getting a piece of the pie in the West Philippine Sea issue, as it did on the Kidapawan killings Now, it’s on the hot South Chian Sea controversy.

In a press statement, it said and we present herein, first of all, 1-PACMAN believes the problem in the Spratleys must be settled through diplomacy.  Both China and the Philippines will turn out losers in case war is resorted to.

Admittedly, the military power of China is far stronger than that of ours, we are of no match to them, but they are aware that if war breaks out, the entire world will be their enemy, too.

The odds against will be great. They will lose allies. To nations that compose Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia, for China to take hold of the South China Sea, is totally unacceptable.

Each nation mentioned has its own claim in the area. Aside from them, Japan and Taiwan also  have claims over certain spreads of the same space.

Apart from them, the United States makes extensive use of the contested areas. It will never allow China to take over a large part of the South China Sea just like that.

The statement continued, 1-PACMAN supports diplomatic talks with China, which is where the latter and the present Philippine administration differ, because Pres. BS Aquino wants a multilateral conference where other claimants are present. They are Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, and China opposes that.

China desires direct bilateral talks with the Philippines alone.

1-PACMAN declares, there is  nothing wrong with what China wants. The other countries can have their own talks later, if needed.

There is need for a peaceful solution. If China wants a one on one talks, so be it. What there to fear, it asked.

As China disdains multilateral talks, we must not lose hope. Let us use our ability on negotiations. 1-PACMAN believes, with good rhetorics and a justified stand – with manifest of avoiding war, China will soften up.

We could also use back channel strategies by utilizing acceptable leaders and personalities as intermediaries.

There are so many other ways, it’s only a matter of showing friendship in diplomacy, exhibiting strong desire for peace between our nations.

In conclusion, 1-PACMAN said, we cannot fight China militarily. Its military assets are too powerful than ours. And we cannot entirely bank on America.

In the end, we only have ourselves to rely on. That is the view of 1-PACMAN.

* * * *

After turning vicious in his remarks against rival Rodrigo Duterte om his recent days, Vice President Jejomar Binay turns docile. On Wednesday, he said the psychological report used in the annulment case of Duterte should be left to the judgment and scrutiny of the voting public.

The fact is the submission of a medical certificate is not mandatory, he aaikd. So even if you have a psychological disorder, it will not be a ground for disqualification),” Binay told reporters upon landing in Manila after campaigning in this city.

“Let his physical and mental case be subjected to the voters,” he added.

First reported by ABS-CBN, assessment results of the psychological report used as basis for the annulment of Duterte’s marriage to first wife Elizabeth Zimmerman in 2000 showed that the tough-talking mayor has “narcissistic personality disorder” or “extreme self-conceit.”

The assessment said Duterte has a “pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings” and “difficulty controlling his urges and emotions.”

But Binay concluded, it was “high time” for candidates to be subjected to medical exams, psychological tests included. (PS)

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