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Saturday, 23 April 2016 14:05

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

The Jaime “Boday” troop is on a stomp today of Talisayan, Boday and Sound Snipings contributor was tasked some special missions in the city proper, so it is convenient for the latter to take time out to pound on the keyboard, even if it may only be for a few lines only. The itch to write soothed.

If all residents are as vigilant and united as that of a group in Camino Nuevo, there will be lesser crimes committed. So many evil minded individuals will have second thoughts before committing a crime.

The proof as related by DZT. “A holdupper was arrested by vigilant folks after he held up a woman who had just withdrawn money from a bank ATM machine along Canelar last Wednesday night.

Leah Grace Sta. Maria, 21, single of Gov. Alvarez  St. had just withdrawn money from an ATM machine around 7:30 p.m. and was leaving the place, when Bernon Malanao, 26, of Canelar appeared and announced a holdup  at knife point.

Leah Grace told the police that Malanao seized her bag after cutting its sling with the knife he was holding.

Then Malanao ran towards Boholano Drive in Camino Nuevo but was cornered by some bystanders.

The stolen bag containing money and some valuables and the knife were recovered from the suspect’s possession.

Malanao was then brought to the Central Police Station for filing of charges.

With that of kind of a feat, the Mayor, should move to have that group of daring residents be identified. They should be publicly acclaimed, given due honors and even rewarded.

What they did is worthy of emulation - for as reported, the arrested culprit was clearly armed - having just slashed the sling of the victim’s bag. Yet, they banded together and collared the suspect.

SS salutes you, guys. The least the Mayor should do is execute what is suggested here.

* * * *

Convinced to be a victim of cheating in the last polls, whenever SS writer comes across stories about strong possibilities of cheating, his spine tingles. Here is yet another one, as Ex-Sen. Kit Tatad writes. “As May 9 draws near, we find ourselves more and more nervous about the viability of the elections. What we are hearing officially from the Commission on Elections, its Venezuelan partner Smartmatic and the various presidential players give us very little reason to hope that we are going to have a clean, honest, transparent and orderly national election.”

Folks, mincing no words, but with modesty alongside, it is a cinch - son  Jaime “Boday” an aspirant councilor – is well entrenched in the winning circle. The gut feel is there, having been in the field since day one of the campaign.

And SS cannot help but fear a possible repeat. Hope to God, Boday would not turn victim as his father was.

Tatad Continues. “Whether our ‘comatose democracy’ will survive or be finally killed and buried in this election is a question I have asked in a previous column; to that, I have not found an easy answer. So many are even beginning to ask whether or not there is a real need for this election.

Reports from the field indicate that no one in particular is working to prevent the savaging of the 2016 automated election. There was unmitigated wholesale cheating in 2010 and 2013, and people expect far more cheating this time. But none of the major players appear interested in preventing or stopping it; to the contrary, they all appear eager to do their own cheating, to cancel the work of the central cheating system, which rigged the two last elections.”

Please help SS pray that Boday be spared from the cheating. A Cabato falling victim once - the father - is enough. Please help. Muchas gracias.

* * * *

As the election period draws to an end, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte appears courting more trouble. Here is yet another fearful - at least to this writer - folly.

The story as TMT reports. “Trash-talking Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has warned that he is prepared to cut diplomatic ties with the United States and Australia after their ambassadors criticized his supposed joke about the jailhouse rape of a missionary.

Duterte told the ambassadors to “shut their mouths,” as controversy continued to rage over his comments in which he said he wanted to have been the first to rape the Australian woman who was brutalized and murdered in a 1989 prison riot…

… Australian, American ambassadors, shut your mouth,” he added. “Do not interfere because it’s election time.”

Duterte said he is not afraid if his statements will affect the country’s relationship with its strong allies.”

He may not be afraid even if his statements will affect the country’s relationship with its two closest allies.

Yes, SS agrees. But the point in tagging his rage over the two nation’s envoys as a fearful folly, SS was referring to underground operations the US, in particular, is popularly noted for.

Along this line of follies, there are two timeframes that Duterte faces.

The first works bad for him. Election day is just around the corner, and he may not have time to recover from the onslaught of criticisms resulting from his rape joke, as he was able to of the Pope’s cursing, as well as the death threat to labor leaders.

But the second timeframe may work good for him. Given a few days left before election day, the CCA monstrous machine may not have enough time to sabotage his chances to win.