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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 11:24



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The Lord is watching everywhere, keeping his eye on both the evil and the good…” (Proverbs 15:3, the Holy Bible, New Living Translation).

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COMPUTERIZED “DAGDAG-BAWAS” NOW HAPPENING: With just barely fourteen (14) days before the May 09 elections, various reports  confirming computerized vote-shaving and vote-adding activities (“dagdag-bawas” in the vernacular) in the 2016 electoral exercise are beginning to surface, with affected voters absolutely having no remedy to fight or, at least, correct, this form of manipulating the election’s results.

Reports coming in from various polling centers abroad where overseas Filipino workers have already cast their votes indicated that many votes intended for some candidates were not credited to those candidates and are instead credited to others. The same reports showed that these vote-shaving and vote-adding activities have been observed and were very evident in almost all polling centers abroad.

What is worse in all these is the lack of any procedure from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to address and correct these vote-shaving and vote-adding situations. Even when OFWs formally complained that their votes were changed by the voters’ counting machines (VCM), Comelec officials were not able, or simply refused, to do anything to correct the vote-shaving and the vote-adding.

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WHAT CAN FILIPINOS DO TO FIGHT POLL CHEATING? Where will this problem bring our country to? Certainly, this pattern of removing votes from a candidate and adding those voters later to another candidate constitutes election cheating of the highest order.

Of course, we have had this “dagdag-bawas” cheating before, when the country’s system of voting was still manually done, but with the use of computers since 2010, “dagdag-bawas” cheating has become a lot easier. This is because all that is needed to be done now is just to push the button of the computers that are now being used in our elections so that pre-programmed results are the ones that will come out of them.

So, what can Filipinos do to fight this looming and very massive electoral fraud? I really don’t know what, but, perhaps, all who care about the integrity and honesty of the coming May 09 elections should band together and be ready to exercise their right to act on their own granted by virtue of the “people power” provisions of the 1987 Constitution.

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“PEOPLE POWER” VS. FRAUDULENT POLL RESULTS: For one, voters should dare to hang out in the polling precincts where they voted, and, together with similarly-minded citizens, agree to hold vigils round the clock until the results are announced, conducting in the process some sort of an exit poll to make a written estimate of the votes cast for the candidates based on the statements of those who had just voted.

If the voters will see that the announced results do not tally or dovetail, or will greatly differ, with the result of the written exit poll, they can then and there immediately make their protest, and use their own personal statements and the written exit poll results as basis of their protest. The objective here is to make of record that the results that are set to be announced by the polling precincts are under protest.

This kind of a protest cannot be stifled or prevented in anyway by any police or military authority because it is in accordance with the “people power provisions” of the 1987 Constitution. The protesters could not be charged with any crime, because their protest would merely be in accordance with the rights granted to them by the Constitution which enables them to participate in all levels of decision-making in government.

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