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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 11:26

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

We are still trying to make sure if it is true that the Mayor Isabelle C. Salazar-led LP is really starting to attack Sound Sniper (SS-Jimmy Cabato) son, Jaime “Boday”.

If true, God forbid, that would be a repeat and a prelude signaling preparations to rig the polls and trample the chances of Boday’s – with modesty and humility practiced – sure-fire winning bid for a council seat, as those attacks will be the  alibi or smoke screen to justify cheating.

That was the very strategy Team Pinoy employed to somehow convince certain quarters that the defeat of SS Sniper in 2013 was no fluke. The rout, dear folks, was a sham, as the magnitude of  Zamboangueño voters up to this day, feel.

The attack is a conceived lie that Jimmy Cabato fights women, and that Boday - the son, supposedly necessarily follows.

Ha ha ha. A blatant lie. Who would ever believe such falsehood?

Jimmy Cabato, a woman hater? Not in anybody’s wildest dream.

And not even Mao Tse Tung’s quote, “A lie repeated a thousand times, becomes the truth”   will ever apply.

Jimmy is a lover of all – no distinction in gender.

And in the case of Boday, such fallacy of alleged gender discrimination can neither ever apply. Barangay Baliwasan holds the distinction of being the first barangay government unit to have ever created a special office for VAWC (Violence Against Women and Children) without any outside assistance. VAWC was created with its own funding.

Records will show Barangay Baliwasan has issued so many BPO’s (Barangay Protection Order), where a husband is prohibnited from getting anywhere near his battered wife.

At the first report of violation thereof, Tanods are imeddiately dispatched to pick up the errant husband, conducted to the police station and soon after immediately detained, at least for the night.

Records will also show that when wives do not withdraw their complaint, offenders are hailed to court.

And those with forgiving wives, are naturally spared, but only after being taught a lesson of one (1) incarceration in a detention facility.

How then anyone can anyone believe the falsity that the Cabatos are insensitive to the opposite sex.

On  that canard, SS Sniper (SSS) entertains no fear, what SSS is frightful of is its re-use of the attacks as alibi or smoke screen is meant to justify the rigging results of son’s votes. No more, no less.

Please help pray for evil minds not to prevail, and for them to drop their devilish schematic intents.

* * * *

Team Colorao standard bearer Congressman Celso Lobregat continues his criticisms against rival of Team Amarillo.

This time, Colorao team leader Cong. Celso L. Lobregat questioned what he termed as the inconsistency of “Team Amarillo” on the persistent power problem of Zamboanga City.

Lobregat said, the said opposing political group is “wishy-washy” and looks like a “circus” in their conflicting positions regarding the power issue.

The solon said, they are not wondering why “Team Amarillo” cannot discuss straightforward the power issue other than destroying the personal image of aspirants Rudy Lim and Vic Liozo as former Board of Directors of ZAMCELCO “because they themselves cannot take a collective position on the matter.”

Team Amarillo had branded Lim and Liozo as unworkable Board of Directors of ZAMCELCO for not taking initiatives and unable to resolve the present power problem.

Lobregat concluded that casting stones on his candidates is tantamount to blaming also the past president of ZAMCELCO who is running with the yellow team (Elbert Atilano) on what he did during his term as President of ZAMCELCO which even cost his political career.

In effect, Lobregat pictures that the only consistency in Team Colorao is that they hurt more their own teammate, Atilano.

In so doing, they appear as clowns in a circus.

* * * *

1-PACMAN continues asserting its presence in the political field, and has not excluded Zamboanga as part of its turf.

It goes on and on. This time, its press release stresses its distinction to rival party lists, while exuding humility alongside.

It said, all party lists have their own individual qualities. But the difference is that the first nominee of 1-PACMAN, Dr. Mikee Romero, has a colorful track recort to banner. That on his personal capacity, Mikee has already a lot to show, starting with the giving of over 100,000 jobs, that is ever-growing in number.

Also, as an ordinary citizen, he has given out thousands upon thousands of scholarships to the youth belonging to marginalized families.

And it stresses, that is exactly what 1-PACMAN stands for - Sports, jobs and education. And that it will simply continue and even multiply its distinctiveness in character to other party lists.

Apart from the numerous jobs and scholarships doled out to the poor by Dr. Mikee, 1-PACMAN also boasts of doling out more a thousand houses to typhoon victims and to the Aetas of Zambales. His benevolence is further reaching out to the needy.

The party list foresees even greater assistance to the downtrodden if Mikee succeeds to snatch a seat in the lower house. As early as now, 1-PACM AN declares, it already has in place an agenda and lined-up plans and programs for growth enhancement.

That financial help to those grossly affected by El Niño must be given priority. There should be continuity, it said.

The same should in education, and that 1-PACMAN also has prepared platforms to increase the number of scholarship grants.  Sand that it has made researches and now aware as to where to source out funds for the purpose. That it even has a twinning program in nutrition for kids in the elementary grades.

It said, there is vital need to look after the health of pupils for them to be able to put attention to their studies, and to actively participate in sports activities.

Quite surely, as the election campaign draws to halt, we will be hearing more from the fighting party list.