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LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Fear of the Lord teaches wisdom; humility precedes honor…” (Proverbs 15:33, the Holy Bible).

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QUESTIONS FOR THOSE WHO WILL VOTE ON MAY 09: It is less than two weeks before the May 09 presidential elections. Many appear to have already made their choices for president and vice president, and even for senators, congressmen, and other local positions. But for whatever it is worth, let me ask those who will vote: are your choices based on what God requires in His Bible for those wanting to be officials?

It is important, in this episode of our country’s history, that we elect our new set of officers based on the guidelines laid down by God in the Bible. For an official who exhibits true compliance with God’s guidelines will surely not cheat, not lie, nor steal. This is the kind of official that all of us sorely need now.

The first guideline is: the men and women we will elect must be capable, and hate dishonest gain. In short, the candidates we will vote for must be competent, efficient, and will not be corrupt and plunderous.

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MORAL UPRIGHTNESS IS A MUST: The second guideline is: is the Spirit of God in the candidate we will vote for? A candidate who has the Spirit of God will always strive to be morally upright, whether he is acting in private or in public. He will always decide on the basis of love of God and of love for his fellowmen.

The third guideline is: is the candidate we are voting for willing to work as our slaves, literally and figuratively? Right now, what we have are people who act and think like they are kings and queens, entitled to dip their fingers into the government’s coffers, and ultimately bequeath to their relatives the positions they have been elected to.

How can we know if the candidates we will be choosing sincerely adhere to these godly guidelines? It is going to be easy, of course. Simply take a look at the past of any candidate and determine whether they have conducted themselves pursuant to these guidelines. If they did, vote for them. If they did not, do not vote for them.

* * * *

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: For example, has the candidate wooing our votes hated dishonest gain in the past? Has he suddenly become rich after being installed in power, even if, in the past, he is as poor as a rat? Or, has the candidate been tested in other positions in government before, delivering the services that his office requires to be delivered, or making true his promises before election?

Then, has the candidate displayed loyalty to his faith, whatever it might be? Has he been known to be a true believer, obeying, in act and in deed, the tenets of his religious affiliation? Has he obeyed the command to love God above all else, and to love others as he loved himself? If the candidate cannot even be true to his church and more especially to God, how can we expect him to be true to his position?

Finally, has the candidate displayed any form of abuse while he was in office if he has been previously elected, or while he was yet a private citizen? If he did, do not vote for him anymore. He is bound to commit more abuses once he gets elected again. Enough is enough!

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