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Friday, 29 April 2016 11:53

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

So as to squelch the knack for writing this,  here is another in-between breaks piece. It comes to pass, the team colorao where son Jaime “Boday” is part of, is in Tumaga; and it happens SS writer has made his own earlier rounds in the barangay. Thus, enough time for breaks.

Put on the brakes, folks. Clean government in Zamboanga City?

This is turning into a myth. A stage-managed image.

It’s for the blindfolds wrapped around the people’s head must be stripped. And the most recent exposes point toward that direction. No other way. Read on.

The proposed purchase of a mobile clinic by the city government was tagged as overpriced by majority members of the city council during its regular session yesterday (Tuesday).

The majority bloc in the council rejected a motion of Councilor Cesar “Jawo” Jimenez Jr. to submit to the body for approval, the committee’s and chairman’s report on the conduct of the Joint Committee Hearing of the Committee on Disaster, Social Welfare and Health with regard to the pending proposal to accept the written and verbal recommendations on the purchase of the controversial Mobile Medical Rescue Vehicle priced at P37, 890,000.

Instead, the majority members decided to “kill” the motion and refer it back to the combined Committees on Disaster, Social Welfare and Health before it goes back to the august body for acceptance and approval in a lawful and orderly manner.

The heated discussions erupted when members Charlie Mariano, Mel Sadain, Percival Ramos and VP Elago questioned the alleged overpricing of the LABOIT 4x4 Medical Rescue Vehicle.

The four councilors expressed disbelief in the price specified for the purchase of the vehicle.  The disbelieving councilors had learned that the exact amount of the said medical facility from the supplier itself is only P17 million.

Wow..! A likely twenty million eight hundred ninety million pesos (P20,890,000) jacked up price.

Earlier on, it was exposed that at the time the Mayor was seeking council approval for the concreting of the road leading to Masepla, the transitory site for the IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), the road was already nearing completion.

Also revealed was, while the Mayor sought council approval for the building of additional houses in Masepla, the city government has torn down 160 unoccupied houses. Very surely the untenanted houses were demolished because there were no more takers.

Demolished due to vacancy, yet building some more?

Of what sense is that?

Zamboanga City government, clean?

You be the better judges.

* * * *

And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, made more popular by the late US President Ronald Reagan.

And some more hulabaloos are afoot, predicts a little birdie. At least one is now being dug into, he says.

Accordingly, it is the disgust of a foreign foundation that donated millions for the building of houses in Tulungatung for displaced families.

That when an American representative of the donating agency came to inspect the project, he was disappointed at seeing what he allegedly termed as structures the size of toilets, when the donations were submitted together with plans, specifications and cost estimates of the houses.

And what’s more as to who supervised the construction of the houses and who the workers were, is one other thing worthy of watching.

Zamboanga City government, clean?

Again, you be the better judges.

* * * *

If you remember, 1-PACMAN made repeated accentuations that the party list is not run anymore by boxing idol Manny Pacquiao. That its new head and 1st nominee Dr. Mikee Romero, upon taking over helms of the party list, chose to retain its name, 1-PACMAN, due to what the termed as “nakasanayan na” (He is habituated to it).


But chancing upon the write-up of neighbor Mike Apostol, SS conjectures a new justification on the party list name.

Thanks to Mike… Voila! 1-PACMAN is after all, a catchy acronym that stands for One Patriotic Coalition of Marginal Nationals (1-Pacman).

It’s not a wonder that even if Pacquiao has divested his ownership of the party list in favor of Dr. Romero and having become accustomed to the acronym, Mikee must have chosen to keep it because of its relevance to the party list’s advocacies.

In the way 1-PACMAN moves, SS wouldn’t be surprised if the party would snatch more than one slot in congress.

Thumbs up. Not only to the party list, but even more to the man behind 1-PACMAN, Dr. Mikee Romero, finance wizard, mogul of a businessman, builder of the booming North Harbor, educator and sportsman.

* * * *

The beheading of a Canadian national was indeed highly condemnable.

It was un-Muslim of a band, we’d dare say.

And we cannot blame the Canadian government to turn furious, and pledge that justice, at all cost, would be served.

Coming to think about it, how? The kidnapped nationals have been in captivity for months, and our military may not have been able to even get a kilometer near them.

But as the saying goes, when there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Send in mercenaries. That’s the only way.