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Sunday, 01 May 2016 14:46

Sound Snipings

Sound Snipings (SS) missed seeing print yesterday. SSWriter (SSW) went pitching solo for son Jaime “Boday” in the west coast, starting in Limpapa, and passing by friends along the way down. And despite the several stops, SSW somehow still caught up with the Monggueh Cabinet in Lotus by about 6 pm.

And in that cabinet meeting, an internal “revolt” surfaced. Member Nonie Dondoyano called for the ouster of Michael Chiong as Vice Chairman. It so only happened though, the most logical choice for replacement was not soon after installed. He is Alex Wee.

You will all know soon.

* * * *

Senior City Councilor Charlie Mariano, being the floor leader, is breathing fire. His attack on the yellow team incumbents persists. He stressed, the controversial mobile medical clinic to be purchased by the city government is tailor-fit in all its specifications with those of the Laboit Specialty Vehicles Inc., manufacturer of the 35-footer medical mobile unit which was alleged as overpriced by more than P21 million.

Mariano claimed, in the Mayor’s purchase request, the general specifications presented, with the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) as the end user, is equally at par with the details and specs of the company, where the winning bidder has purchased the medical van.

Based on the documents acquired by Mariano from Laboit Company, comparatively all the 34 items in details about the general specifications of the aforementioned mobile medical clinic are similar in nature.

“It is very clear that the unit to be purchased by the city is the same with the unit manufactured by Laboit Company. The only difference is, it was overpriced by the procuring entity,” Mariano said.

A well-equipped medical van can range from $175,000-$350,000, which is equivalent to P16,352,534.64, depending on options and features added. The amount even in its maximum denominations on a highly upgraded unit will still not reach the bidded out price of P37,890,000.

“We may fool some people at one time, but we cannot fool everyone all the time, this anomaly is blatant and a clear manifestation of corruption, ta ruba con el pueblo cara-cara,” (The city is being robbed frontally), Mariano claimed.

Mariano said the clear overpricing on the said vehicle is a slap on their faces if approved, and this is the very reason why they, as responsible councilors will have to study the matter carefully in order for them not to be accountable to the people.

Whose faces are being slapped if approved was not made clear.

What is clear though is, the faces of those behind this evident scandal, have to be slapped. Aparece, sin vequerzada ya se. (It appears, that is a manifestly a shameful act.)

Mariano and his colleagues in the majority bloc at the council has called on the Commission on Audit (COA) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate the overpricing and are contemplating of filing a case of graft practices against the end user and all those people involved in this anomalous transaction after the election ban. (With reports from the DZT)

* * * *

The tree that bears fruits is the tree that is normally pelted.

So. As it is with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Ten days today left to the D-[day, Duterte is the target of Sen., Antonio Trillanes, who has further bared that Duterte also has several undeclared property assets aside from his unreported millions of pesos in bank deposits,

Trillanes claimed that some of Duterte’s assets are in the country, which the mayor failed to declare in his Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth, or SALN.

Trillanes later told GMA news program 24 Oras that the Duterte family owns 41 property assets, including 34 in Davao City, one in San Juan City (Metro Manila), two in Dipolog City, one in Cagayan de Oro City, one in Paranaque City (also in Metro Manila), one in Quezon City and one in Davao del Norte.

The senator said he was verifying some of the other information that has come up to make sure all the allegedly hidden riches really belong to Duterte before releasing to the public the outcome of his research on the matter.

Ha! He is verifying some of the other information that has come up to make sure all the allegedly hidden riches really belong to Duterte before releasing to the public the outcome of his research on the matter.

Is that fair?

Still verifying, yet the story is already exposed.

Come on he’d better be sure, otherwise, he will be facing another libel case similar to that of VP Jejomar Binay. It is no joke to claim Duterte’s joint accounts with daughter Sara is estimated at about P2.4 billion under three bank accounts, and is unreported in the former’s SALN.

Trillanes even listed he senator’s supposed nine transactions made under that account, a joint account of the mayor and his daughter and former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

And Duterte does admit the existence of such bank account but insisted that it did not contain millions of pesos as alleged.

Trillanes also claimed having obtained information about Duterte’s supposed 17 other bank accounts also held jointly with Sara in separate banks.

These include seven joint accounts also at BPI Julia Vargas Branch, nine at BPI Greenhills and one at Banco de Oro in Davao City.

The accounts were held by Duterte from 2006 to 2015.

It is reported that instead of answering the issue directly, the mayor’s camp challenged Trillanes to execute an affidavit and reveal where and when he got his information and why he released it.

And the senator, flatly rejected the challenge, insisting he would not reveal his source.

Now, now there, legal tactics are in play, so it appears.

In refusing to take on the challenge of the Duterte camp to issue the affidavit, Trilanes must simply be avoiding to incriminate himself.

With revelations only to media, the burden of proof in a possible libel case lies on the complainant, Duterte. To issue the sworn statement would be a rope enough to hang himself.

A   nd the case may come if Trillanes turns out a liar. (TMT feed)

* * * *

If the proceeding statement is true, there is nothing then to fear.

On the hacking, that is, not on the integrity of the VCMs (Vote Counting Machines), the same PCOS dog with a different collar.

“The hacker arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Thursday afternoon for allegedly leaking voters’ data yesterday assured that the breach in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) website will not affect the integrity of the May, 9, 2016 national and local elections.

Joenel de Asis, 23, a system integration engineer in a semi-conductor firm, who was arrested at around 3 p.m. Thursday inside his office in Muntinlupa City, assured the data leak will not have any effect on the upcoming elections as they cannot hack the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs), which are connected to a different server.

Separate ‘yung web server at infrastructure ng site sa VCM (The VCMs’ web server and infrastructure is separate from the server of the Comelec website),” he said.” (With MB reports)

You will note, SS exercised extra care in believing the hacker. SS made this rejoinder, “On the hacking, that is, not on the integrity of the VCMs (Vote Counting Machines), the same PCOS dog with a different collar.

With the 2013 results fresh in memory, the fear of cheating in the May 9 polls still bothers SS..

So, here’s hoping - with prayers on top - the safety features of the VCMs, Comelec ordered activated will truly safeguard the voters’ votes.

Please help pray. (MB)