A local David and Goliath duel in May 9 elections PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 May 2016 14:33

The southerner

Rey-Luis Banagudos


Many people are familiar with the real as well as proverbial story of David and Goliath as narrated in the Holy Bible.At one time in their early history, the story says, the Hebrews’ pagan enemy called the Philistines – with their superior weapons and strength - was once again marching to kill and destroy God’s chosen people. In despair, the Hebrew king named Saul prayed to God for help, and God told him to find a shepherd boy named David to challenge the Philistines’ battle tested giant named Goliath to a duel, which was an ancient customary way to settle military scores. The Philistines laughed (LOL surely) when they saw David with a measly stone sling come out tremblingly to face Goliath, who was armed to the hilt with a giant spear and shield and a loud boastful voice to boot. But the spirit of God was with David, who whacked a stone right to the head of Goliath which instantly laid him dead. The Philistines retreated in considered defeat.

The mayoralty contest between incumbent re-electionist mayor Ma. Isabel Climaco-Salazar and retired police general Mario Yanga is something like that David and Goliath story  - mainly in terms of their respective campaign’s logistical resources and machinery. This is not to suggest, though, that the result due on the May 9 election day is a foregone conclusion. Far from it.

In their political duel, the sitting mayor is analogously the Goliath, with her vastly superior campaign war chest and machinery and web of connections. In contrast, Yanga is shepherd boy David, with no campaign machinery like his rival’s and funds (mostly self-financed) or a massive political foot soldiers. If he is running because he heard a voice calling, he is not saying because in addition he is a man of few words, although proven performance record.

Flashback: Back in the 1982(?)  then incumbent Mayor Cesar Climaco fielded a city laughingstock by the name of Patarasa as his candidate against the late Caling Lobregat in the national election for assemblymen of the Batasang Pambansa (Climaco disliked Caling’s crony connections). Lobregat won as ex-President Marcos’ local lieu