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Friday, 06 May 2016 11:51

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Writing again on borrowed time, SS comes to you in-between breaks. Campaigning for Council aspirant-son has been the Sniper‘s tiresome preoccupation since the start of the campaign period. But efforts at it joyfully shows positive signs. Thank God. Our only worry is the counting.

Please help pray for a an honest and clean elections, especially in view of the supposed latest survey results in Manila today.

From the past consistent sorry rankings of the two Aquino-backed bets, Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo, they are now depicted to be tops, 2nd and 1st spots, respectively.

Anyone believes that? SS does not.

His point – that surge in ratings is a mere ply to condition the minds of voters, that if the two win on 9 May, it is not cheating.

God save the Philippines!

* * * *

Yesterday, SS featured the highlights in only the second press conference of Mayorable Mario Yanga called since the start of the campaign period.

We then spoke of the emergence of a highly spirited man, following the weighty Rodrigo Duterte anointing. A revitalized man, standing firmer, more determined and aggressive.

But there is one thing we missed of in Yanga – marked humility.

Asked if, as Duterte has vowed, he will rid Zamboanga of drugs and criminality within six (6), with no hesitation, he replied, “No, I cannot promise that. What I can promise is to do my level best.”

In the closing days of the campaign, batting for the city’s top post, any other candidate would easily blurted out, “YES!”

But no. Not Yanga. He exemplied grand modesty. Statesmanship in its highest form - the mark of a great leader, Mayor.

Before evening closes on 9 May, we just might be seeing a a new Mayor – Mario Yanga.

Taki ya el cambio (The change is here).

* * * *

It’s been long since friend and former high school classmate Wil Bazan wanted us to feature Zamcelco’s softball that participated in a national tournament.

But ever since, his supposed contributed writeup never reached SS. First, he said, it was on my fb messenger. Missing.

Today, he said, he posted it on my timeline. Still there is none. Better luck next time Minoh. It’s by that name we call him – Minoh.

* * * *

As predicted here, with relentless political maneuverings of 1-PACMAN, it’s a cinch that the party list is sure to snatch one slot in the lower house, and that it may even grab more than one.

True enough, newspapers report, the latest Pulse Asia survey results show 1-PACMAN is in on the list of the Magic 60.

In spite of that showing, the party list says that the battle is not over yet. That election day is 9 May yet, and that there is no room to slow down. The voters must be made fully aware of the party list’s advocacies and principles.

On the drug menace, 1-PACMAN makes known of its stand.

For drug lords, 1-PACMAN is taking a strong position. They have to pay hard for their crime. At the least, it should be life sentence. And at the most, death sentence.

So many lives were destroyed and are continuing to shatter. Several families have likewise been ruined

Thus, in the eyes of 1-PACMAN, there’s no distinction between from who and who. Lawmen, rich men, politicians, scions of those in power;  if they are drug lords, pushers, and protectors, the penalty is death. That is the stand of 1-PACMAN. No influence peddling may get in the way.

On users, the party list takes a different posturing. Their case, it said, is different. Most of them are only victims. They should instead be treated. Rehabilitated.  And that 1-PACMAN can easily come up with corresponding applicable laws on dealing with drug lords, pushers and their protectors.

And that is where people will see the conviction of 1-PACMAN. That is one of the reasons, Dr. Mikee Romero was prompted to try his hand in politics, seeing how lives of people are wasted due to drugs.

Drug lords and their protectors, it said, know they cannot bribe or even intimidate Mikee.

Mikee, they bragged does not need their money. He is a successful businessman. Loaded. His only wish is to serve his country and the needy. That is one other reason, Mikee has decided to join government

1-PACMAN, they went on, believes drugs have a lot to do with the progress of an individual and the nation. Explaining, they said, we cannot expect a person to prosper if he is into drugs. He can never even hope to work.

One more thing more, we all know crimes abound due to drugs. So many have been killed because of the illicit trade thereof. Countless women, too, raped.

Delving more on the handling of drug abuse, users are to be saved, pushers jailed. And 1-PACMAN will not agree that drug lords and pushers are not meted the corresponding penalty. But jail terms for them are too puny. There is need to pass laws for stiffer penalties.

Also, the root cause of drugs is poverty, and poverty is born out of lack of education. The two are inter-related, it said. And those are the other targets of 1-PACMAN. That0 when elected in May, it will enact laws to buttress the budget for education, coupled with good teachings on values and nutrition.

For parents, it repeated,  they will revive the Emergency Employment Assistance, where they will be given temporary employment.

To achieve these, it said, there are lots of sources where to secure the budget, Citing some, it mentioned the Presidential Social Fund and PAGCOR.

1-PACMAN said funds may also be set aside in a special fund in the National Budget intended solely for marginalized families.

In conclusion, 1-PACMAN made a final pitch for its contention in the May 9 polls, with the issuance of a call for full support, batting for a chance to implement its advocacies, ideals, plans and programs in  the field of Sports, Education and livelihood.