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Friday, 06 May 2016 11:56



San Jose, CA. — From Engineer Ben Conti comes this bit of important announcement: “I believe we will have no problem with the power supply considering that it is a holiday. What Zamcelco should be concerned about are trip-offs of power lines.”

As early as January, Alsons Power Group has said that its power subsidiaries providing power to Zamcelco will go full throttle (unless there are technical problems occurring) during Election Day and into the counting proper. At the moment, Alsons’ Western Mindanao Power Corporation and Mapalad Power Corporation provide a combined 68 megawatts to Zamcelco. Zamboanga’s peak load demand is 96 MW. I presume that Zamcelco’s other power providers are taking care of the balance.

Here’s the full statement from the Department of Energy as reported by the Philippines News Agency:

“The Department of Energy has assured the power supply will be stable for the polling precincts during the national elections.

“Our outlook for Luzon and Visayas is good, only some areas in Mindanao have the possibility of rotating brownouts. But we assure the voting centers and polling places will have power until the canvassed results are transmitted,” DOE Sec. Zenaida Monsada said.

“She also noted that the natural gas-fired San Gabriel power plant will run on a lower capacity at 480 MW under a commissioning status during the elections.

“She said the 100 MW Avion natural gas-fired power plant will also run during the elections. Both power plants are located in Batangas and owned by First Gen Corp.

“She stressed that the current operating power plants will have few forced shutdowns. The DOE head said Visayas could have additional power supply from the Luzon grid through the Leyte-Luzon 350 HVDC submarine cable, adding that the peak demand of Visayas occurs in the evening while Luzon’s rises during the day.

“Monsada said the three main grids will have sufficient reserves due to the low demand and the expected higher supply from the hydro power plants.


That settles the power issue.

Since today is the last day of campaigning, the Red, Yellow and de colores parties will be holding separate loud motorcades, punching like panzer divisions  into the remotest, blighted barrios in an effort to pick up undecided votes. Majority of those who will vote on Monday have already made up their minds who their bets will be, predicting even the outcome of the elections.

The cavalcade  will end up in restaurants (Mano-Mano, Palmeras, Alberto’s, Garden Orchid) after a whistle stop at the shrine of Our Lady of the Pillar for media purposes.

As gleaned from on-line news, the campaign was transparent as the frontrunners from the Rojo and Amarillo have been pictured to be somewhat corrupt, debased of honesty and scruples, of honor and principles. Did the wise electorate hoot its approval? Partly. That’s why the numbers of retired police general are up. So are Monsi’s, Junie’s and Mannix’s. Unlike the Christian missionaries during the Saxon onslaught, there’s no “Spiritus Sanctus” to summon. The wrathful and terrifying gods, from Vedic India in 2000 B.C. to pagan Iceland (Christianized in 1000 A.D.), will not rise to spook the voters from changing their ballot.

Too bad, this campaign has turned out to be a pedestrian, focusing on the tedious, exasperating exposes’ of debauchery in government affairs. The excited and excitable media dutifully did their job the past 43 days — building a suspense over an election that the incumbents will ultimately win.

All the political skills and outstanding work of the local executive were overwhelmed during a real drama that unfolded on that bloody, regretful September morn, or mourn, 2013. Zamboanguenos will have to live with it and, somehow, forget it.

Meanwhile, her tormentor whose destructive agenda is unclear — the man who was raised and educated in the north, with an imposing personality and political craftiness and wisdom, did not horse-trade to get himself and his Red

Partido through. He will, if he wins a fresh term, have a more Herculean task ahead — to convince congress to delete some unsconstitutional provisions in the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that will, if enacted, create a Bangsamoro political entity, giving a segment of Filipino-Muslims their own separate dominion. “Mr. Expose” carried his fight vs. the BBL successfully to the hearts of the Zamboanga electorate and people.


Incidentally, make your voices and votes count on Monday.