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Saturday, 07 May 2016 14:09



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… stand firm in the Lord…” (Philippians 4:1, the Holy Bible).

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COUP VS. DUTERTE? SURE RECIPE FOR BLOODY REVOLT FROM THE PEOPLE: If Rodrigo Duterte wins on May 09 and will become the next president of the Republic of the Philippines, and disgruntled police and military officers and men who do not like his association with the New People’s Army and Filipino communists will stage a coup against him, will those who voted for him simply sit idly by and allow their choice to be trampled upon?

The clear answer is no, Duterte supporters are not going to simply sit idly by. I’d say they are going to fight, fiercely at that, any police or military coup against him, because it is not just Duterte they are unseating. Adventurists who will stage an armed uprising against Duterte will be facing an angry nation which will not be afraid of killing and getting killed just to uphold their choice.

So let this be a fair warning therefore to everyone. You may be for or against any candidate during the campaign. Everyone in fact can be for or against anyone during the campaign. But once the Filipino people has spoken, let no one cheat them of their mandate, or of their choice. That would be inviting revolution, which may turn out to be bloody and deadly.

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DUTERTE SUPPORTERS SAY HE CAN’T LOSE NOW: Why are Duterte supporters saying they will not accept any result showing he is defeated? Well, the reason is that even the surveys paid for by his enemies are showing he has acquired an insurmountable lead hours just before the May 09 election. Then, the bitter behavior of his rivals against him also leave no doubt of their recognition that Duterte has emerged the winner.

So, at this point in the country’s history, Duterte supporters believe there is no way anymore that he could ever lose. Why, even warring religious groups which can command their members to vote as directed by their leaders have all openly declared their support for Duterte.

What is more, politicians are now running towards the doorsteps of Duterte’s camp, wanting to pledge allegiance to him. The bandwagon effect is now prompting those who originally ignored Duterte’s candidacy to turn around and profess their support and loyalty to him. Well’ that is life. Only in the Philippines, if you ask me!

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VERIFY THE HAS TAG OF VOTERS’ MACHINES: Here is a Facebook post being attributed to lawyer Gregorio Larrazabal, a former commissioner of the Commission on Elections: “Help Comelec make people understand the right information! The SD cards are configured per precinct. People have to understand that all ballots are read in a uniform manner. If it misreads one ballot, it will misread all ballots the same way.

“Meaning, there can’t be a random mis-reading of the ovals shaded in the ballot. So if a vote for one candidate is mis-read (for another candidate) for one ballot, it will mis-read the vote for that candidate for all ballots fed into that machine. You can’t do a 1 of every 10, or 2 of every 5, etc.

“This is why I’ve been pushing people to verify the Hash Code of the Voters Counting Machines. How do you do this? Easy. The Hash Code is located at the bottom of two documents: the Initialization Report, which is printed before the start of the voting, and the Election Returns, which is printed after the end of voting.

“Verify the Hash Code. The Hash Code for ALL VCMs/PCOS are the SAME: A1 47 91 C4 2F DA 95 7C 47 DB E3 EA 52 FB 2A A3 9D BF DA AF F6 83 68 7A 80 B6 9F 61 A1 13 EO F7. Be aware! Be involved!”