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Saturday, 07 May 2016 14:25


BY Sarita Sebastian

Politics has caused a lot these days. Apart from ruining friendship, it has caused some families to fight among each other. In our local political scene, I feel  sad  of the developments. I have never imagined our local  political situation will reach this far. BASTUSAN TO THE MAX!

Some take the local political scene as healthy, some take it the other way. Personally,  I cannot stomach to this writing how our politicians hurl below the belt accusations against each other. For all we know, todo man kaha tiene mancha .

I may be a known maldita, but I am not a disrespectful person. I just cannot picture,  not even in my  dreams,  how easily some politicians in our city hurl mean words  AT ALL COST. Que Bien nuay MODO or maybe the person is having a serotonin blast ! Is this how powerful politics can be? That in just one click ,  one’s personality can change for the WORSE ? I wonder how our compoblanos are taking this matter. Is this just a scenario or is this for real? SIGH!UGHH!

* * * * *

In my family alone, my siblings and I do not agree in practically  most of our choices with regard to political CANDIDATOS  from the national level to the local level. But I try to be civil about it, although deep inside, I find it poignant. I remember before we easily agree when it comes to political matters. My late father was a big influence though.

Unfortunately times have changed. Whether we like it or not, change will naturally happen. Gone are the days when one can easily convince others to follow his or her whims and caprices. People these days find time to THINK, REACT or fight back in their own ways. Of course  tiene pa siempre mga cara’y SEN , hende mas ta pensa el futuru!

In my case , much as THERE ARE DISAGREEMENTS  in our family regarding our political choices, but  I prefer not to push the issue. Let it be as I usually say, because I do not want politics to get in our way, which can or might  cause our relationship. After all, come to think of it, if something happens between our family , these politicos will never and can never help us at all, unless of course you are an ally. But normally, HENDE!

I am a daughter, a sister and a parent, I still maintain my stand, not to allow politics be a reason to strain our relationship, be it with our friends, significant others or family. Let it be a healthy exercise this coming elections. If our politicians enjoy their lenguaje de tiangge mode, so be it, but for us voters let us maintain some decency, ese si tiene pa! Right Baby?

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