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Sunday, 08 May 2016 14:41



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… So Pharaoh asked them, `Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?’…” (the Pharaoh of Egypt, in the presence of Joseph, the son of Jacob, in Genesis 41:38, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

JOSEPH, THE PRISONER, SAVES THE PEOPLE FROM FAMINE: As the campaign for the May 2016 elections grounded to a noisy and rowdy finish on May 07, 2016 with Filipinos appearing to have already made clear choices on whom to vote for, it would be well to remember a story from the past about how a nation found a solution to an impending seven-year famine that was projected to kill millions.

This story has it that the king of Egypt was bothered by two dreams. The first dream involved seven beautifully fat cows which were eaten by seven very thin and ugly cows. The second dream showed seven rice stalks, filled with good grain, being swallowed up by seven thin and fruitless stalks.

The king did not understand what the dreams meant, so he called for his wise advisers, but they were similarly unable to explain those dreams. It was at that point that the king’s cupbearer brought in a man who was being detained on charges that he tried to rape the wife of a general. The man’s name was Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob and a grandson of Isaac, the son of Abraham.

* * * *

WHO HAS THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN  THEM? Joseph clarified that the two dreams were warnings from God, notifying the king that Egypt was to experience good harvest for seven years, but that there would be severe famine for the succeeding period of seven years. Joseph then told the king to find a leader in whom the Spirit of God dwells, to lead the country in its fight against hunger.

The king inquired among his advisers, “can we find anyone like this man, in whom the Spirit of God dwells?” Realizing that the leader that Egypt needed to fight the looming deadly famine was Joseph himself because God has shown to Joseph what must be done, the king then installed Joseph as the second king of the land.

True enough, with Joseph at the helm of the preparations against the famine, the whole of Egypt managed to save as much as they can during the seven years that harvest was bountiful, enabling them to store up food that saved not only Egyptians but even the peoples of neighboring countries.

* * * *

FINDING THE “JOSEPHS” ON MAY 09: As Filipinos go to the polls on May 09, 2016, it would therefore be very wise for them to consider the story of Joseph, and strive to find the “Josephs” among the candidates offering themselves to become our leaders. The “Josephs” will certainly be working under the guidance and inspiration of God, and will surely deliver our country from grave and debilitating problems in the days to come.

In Daet, Camarines Norte, I vouch for one such “Joseph”—Joseph Christopher “Concon” Panotes, the Liberal Party candidate for Mayor in the town. Not only because he is a brother-in-law of mine, he having married my sister, Atty. Marisa Mauricio Panotes, but because on countless occasions, Joseph Concon acted only through the guidance and inspiration of God in his public and private lives.

Joseph Concon fears and loves God, even as he comes from a family of firm Christian believers. He is up against moneyed and influential businessmen who promised they would use all their money against him, but Joseph Concon is holding on to God’s promise that whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life.

* * * *

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