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Monday, 09 May 2016 15:18

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Am squeezing in a few lines today in between moves to visit with friends missed in past movements.

As election day is here, 9 May 2016, each candidate pitches his/her last appeal for votes. With the busy campaign schedule following the longest caravan of vehicles in a motorcade, Sound Snipings Writer (SSW) missed listening to other candidates, except those of Cong. Celso L. Lobregat’s and Mayor Isabelle C. Salazar’s, and clutching in some lines of son Jame “Boday” Cabato.

Of Lobregat and Salazar, what SSW can comment is that one and other spent most their times criticizing each other. And clearly Lobregat was more precise as he had ready documents to display, whereas all that Salazar made were splattered and personal shotgun blasts at Lobregat in defense of self.

According to Boday, the red team’s last minute pitch were to be minuter speeches each in a one-hour television exposure. But ten minutes left to the hour, Lobregat still held on to the microphone laying down the ills of the Salazar administration, such as the Masepla mismanagement, the questionable road concreting tol the same transitory site for Internally Displayed (IDP’s), as well as the evidently P21 million overpriced Mobile Clinic, with a unit thereof already in the possession of the City Health Office, but is unused. At that point, owing to drowsiness, SSW dozed off, awaking later with the final bat over. Haven’t asked Boday yet if they were able to still deliver their minuter discourses.

Anyway, SSW sits satisfied with son Boday’s earlier aired message. He gave assurances that the time people shared with him in the campaign days will be repaid with lengthier times as he will serve them, if with God’s blessings and people help, he gets to sit in the city council.

SSW is confident that that people’s help by providential blessings, is well with him.

SSW fears only one thing, cheating via the VCMs (Vote Counting Machine Machines) that took after the devilish PCOS monster.

Three good factors are working in favor of stopping electoral frauds.

One, the Supreme Court order for Comelec to restore the security features of the VCMs.

Two, several election watchdogs are in operation, ready to pounce on evil schemers.

And three, Cong. Celso has no qualms hitting Mayor Salazar. To SSW, that aspect signifies, Lobregat knows that Salazar cannot use her influence on the national administration to rig the polls in Zamboanga City this time around.

With those points in mind, SSW believes, the winning chances of son Boday stands at a pronounced level.

Let us pray in unison for an honest and clean elections today, 9 May 2016. Amen.

* * * *

You won’t believe it, up until this day, SSW has yet to decide on who he votes for President. The yet undecided choices are, Rodrigo Duterte, Jojo Binay and Mar Roxas.

Duterte. SSW still has to figure if his unpredictable “canto boy” moves will not make him a dangerous president.

Binay. If his believed stashed cash will prevent him from dipping into the government’s coffers. Or if he will hunger for more.

Roxas. Being an Araneta, my heart has a soft spot for him. But, he is too close to the sitting president. When he wins, the vengeful BS Aquino and kin will not feel what Sens. Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla and their respective families experienced and are experiencing now. Likewise, the BBL will resume. There will be no justice for the Fallen 44, whose lives are generally believed to have been sacrificed in deference to the desired passage of BBL. Likewise, the SSS retirees will never receikved their long-needed additional benefits of P2,000 each.

SSW’s choice will be known only in the polling seat.

Vice President. Mine is Bongbong Marcos. No ifs, no buts.

Senators, these are the following, so far. Migs Zubiri, Ralph Recto, Martin Romualdez, striver Manny Pacquiao and Neri Comenares, List, of course is yet incomplete until voting time.

Congress. Of course, son Boday runs with him. Celso Lobregat. And he was a shining star in defense of the city against BBL.

Mayor. The one acknowledge to have saved the city against criminality in six (6) different dangerous times, even if he was over-qualified for the post, being a general, he was called in as City Director – Mario Yanga. My choice.

And how can anyone believe, I will go for Beng Salazar, when she is believed to have allegedly engineered my 2013 debacle via PCOS!

Friends, they are my personal choices. Do your own choosing.

Good luck to all candidates.

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