God bless Zambo City, our Home! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 May 2016 11:41


BY Sarita Sebastian

The choices have been established and nobody can dispute, unless of course you have a solid evidence to disprove the election results. But evidently, the conduct of the national and local elections was smooth with the exception of some unfortunate incidents in other parts of our country.

But in our city, we are fortunate  to have experienced peaceful elections. Our high praise and thanks to our Creator, the Architect of the Universe. Congratulations to all Zamboangueños who have actively participated in helping out our military and police forces maintained  peace and order during the local election. El situacion muy pacifico!

Each of us did our SHARE in our own little way, all for the love of our country and our beloved city. But this does not stop from here,  this is just the beginning because we still have a long way to go. Largo pa el viaje ding!

Let us all be proactive in our day to day affairs. If there is a need to voice out some shenanigans,do it!  But if given the chance, let us help our elected leaders or elected officials achieve the goal of peace and progress for our dear Zamboanga City, OUR ONLY HOME!

We move on. Our city has so many potentials for development. We just have to focus and share our collective ideas and efforts to realize our dreams and aspirations for our beloved city.

ASEAN integration is in the offing.We cannot afford to delay. We need to compliment with our ASEAN neighbors.This is the reality, this is the positive CHANGE that we should all expect. God bless our city!


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