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Friday, 13 May 2016 13:08

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


As a proud father please permit Sound Snipings Writer (SSW) to devote the first topic today on the Cabato family feelings. Thank you, my friends.

Sweet victory. Such sweet sweet victory. Yes!

That is what the Cabato family savors for the win of Jaime “Boday”.

Sweeter even because it is a vindication of the man-made defeat of the elder Cabato (Jimmy) in the 2013 rigged polls.

Boday’s triumph is proof, the father was cheated of victory in his ascension to a 7th- term in the city council coming from being number one (1) in 2011.

Later today, we will post on our (Jimmy’s and Boday’s respective fb timelines) our individual messages of thanks to the good people of Zamboanga.

* * * *

SSW was at the Lotus Restaurant sipping beer in the company of the Monggueh cabinet yesterday, when a pair of friendly customers, who turned up to be a university statistician in the company of a noted political pundit here, motioned for me to join up with them for a while. On their table was an open laptop to which they called my attention. Displayed on screen were results of the council elections in District 1.

When seated, they said, “We will tell you of our analysis. There was an operation in Comelec. There was cheating.”

They asked me to browse over the results. Not a statistician nor a political analyst, I discerned nothing, and asked for comments.

They answered, “These figures show that except for Councilor Elong Natividad and aspirant Chitong Saavedra, all others had a pre-arranged added score of ten thousand votes each.”

They then wrote down the figures, which SSW copied. The winning list showed (First column is the final Comelec count. The second are the figures for the winning LP bets lessened by 10,000 each:

1. Kim Elago - 63,229 to 53,229

2. Mike Alavar - 56,106

3. Meng Agan - 55,145 to 55,145

4. BG Guingona - 54,742

5. Jimmy Villaflores - 51,742 to 41,742

6. Jihan Edding - 49,213 to 39,213

7. Lilibeth Nuño - 46,108 to 46,108

8. Teodyver Arquiza - 45,789 to 35,789

9. With no added votes,

Elong Natividad - 39,365 to 39,365

They concluded, with that in place, the standing would have showed these rankings:

1. Mike Alavar - 56,106

2. BG Guingona - 54,742

3. Kim Elago - 53,229

4. Lilibeth Nuño - 46,108

5. Meng Agan - 45,145

6. Jimmy Villaflores - 41,742

7. Elong Natividad - 39,365

8. Jihan Edding - 39,213

9. Teodyver Arquiza - 35,789

See for yourselves the marked change. Rankings were reversed to a credible level, and what is revealing is, coming from being number one (1) in 2013, it is highly believable, Elong did cling to number 8.

Why Elong and Chitong were not given the same privilege as his teammates was not discussed.

But later the Monggueh Cabinet did, and two reasons surfaced.

First, as it is to be recalled, Elong was the center of talks in media, alleging he was the supposed bagman of a personality very close to the Mayor in the rumored rampant rice and sugar smuggling. The logic that arose is that Elong was sacrificed to give the impression he is not that influential in the mayoral inner circle.

And on the second junking justification, SS opts to keep under wraps as it seemed more of a joke. So, if you wish to know what, give me a call in private.

Friends, we are not professing that these analyses is fool-hardy, so we leave it all up to you to seriously ponder on the extent of its truth.

But SSW, will not give this concept prominence here if he does not bite its credibility.

Results of the rankings and figures of the polls in district 1 were not available on hand at the time of our talk, so it was neither discussed.