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Saturday, 14 May 2016 13:36



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Fear the Lord your God, serve him only and take your oaths in his name…” (Deuteronomy 6:13, the Holy Bible).

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POSSIBLE REASONS FOR SMARTMATIC COMPUTER ALTERATION: There is something gravely wrong when a person who is carrying out a crime or violating the law displays boldness and audacity by committing the criminal act in the presence of other people whom he knows are witnessing what he is doing.

This criminal either believes that those who are seeing him doing his crime are so stupid that they do not know he is committing an infraction of the law, or that, he knows he will not be punished anyway, even if he committed the crime in full view of witnesses. Or, perhaps, the criminal has a very serious reason why he had to do his crime publicly.

Take your pick, but as far as I am concerned, these could be some of the possible reasons why an official of Smartmatic so brazenly violated all regulations prohibiting the alteration of the computer programs which were being used to release the results of the May 09, 2016 elections. There could be other reasons, but, with the way things are done in the Philippines, we may never really know which one is real and which is not.

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WHY DID SMARTMATIC OFFICIAL TAMPER WITH COMPUTERS IN PUBLIC? Whatever, what intrigues me most here is this: why would the Smartmatic official who changed the computer programs which were being used to release the results of the May 09, 2016 elections be so brave to be publicly doing a crime, particularly because, after his commission of that crime, the results for the vice presidential position changed dramatically?

In the normal course of things, a person wanting to commit a criminal act would aim for 100% secrecy, to avoid any liability. This is the natural instinct even of animals—self-preservation is the name of the game in any occasion for any specie of the animal kingdom, especially so in a situation where the commission of a crime could result in an upheaval.

The only logical conclusion here would therefore be that the criminal—in this case, the Smartmatic official—really wanted many people to witness his crime, and perhaps even to document it, to have proof that he committed the crime, evidently for some very special reasons. And that’s where this scenario involving Smartmatic gets to be really scary.

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SMARTMATIC TAMPERING PRELUDE TO FAILURE OF ELECTIONS? It would seem to me that the object of the crime perpetrated by an official of Smartmatic is not simply to alter the results affecting the vice presidential race. If that were the only purpose, the criminal would have had the common sense to commit his crime very discreetly, so that the shaving off of votes for one candidate and the addition of votes to another, would be carried out undetected and therefore with success.

What happened here was that, the criminal also wanted the Filipino people to distrust the entire electoral exercise that took place on May 09, 2016, so that they would clamor for its setting aside, on the ground that, the integrity of the elections had been compromised. Many opinion makers are in fact blabbering about this compromised results of the elections now.

Where would this lead to? Well, if the May 09, 2016 elections would be set aside on account of computer fraud, President Elect Rodrigo Duterte will not be able to assume power. A new elections may have to be called. In the meantime, however, chaos and anarchy may ensue, which may prompt the incumbent president to declare a revolutionary government and continue his term. Possible? Yes, I think so!

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