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Saturday, 14 May 2016 13:59

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

After the exchange of verbal tussles during the campaign period, are our top two leaders on the road to true reconciliation?

By the way they speak now, it so seems. Yesterday, this statement was attributed in the DZT to re-elected Mayor Isabelle C. Salazar, “Now that elections are over… Beng Climaco called on her opponents and other candidates to leave the challenges of the campaign trail behind and to move on, as she offered her hands of peace, friendship and reconciliation.”

Today, DZT reported, “Re-elected District 1 House Representative Celso Lobregat is one with all the other local elected officials in pursuing a good governance and leadership in the city now that elections are over.”

Nice talk, huh. But are the wounds really healed?

Vamos a saber. In chabacano parlance, it is translated this-a-way, “Let us to see.”

Although it was some two days ago, it was noticed, Lobregat seemed hurting still. It will be noted, the red team did not join up with the yellows during the formal proclamation of winners at the tabulation center in the Sanggunian Panlungsod session hall. Undeniably, the Lobregat-led red team waited until after the yellows left the hall before going in.

But then again, that was some two days back, and Lobregat’s stand has come a day after.

Keep watch of the days a-coming. The true political color of the protagonists will sparkle.

Repeat, in chabacano - “Let us to see.”

* * * *

Rigoberto Tiglao of TMT writes, “Evidence is mounting that the Yellow Party poured resources into its now infamously known Plan B: for Leni Robredo to win the vice presidency over closest rival Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. It even threw support in the form of cheating efforts behind Robredo, effectively abandoning Roxas.”

Tiglao went on, “The Yellow leaders – principally President Aquino and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad – had public pronouncements based on several surveys that Roxas didn’t stand a chance to beat Rodrigo Duterte, and admitted that they would face” a revolt if they managed to cheat and make Roxas win.

Thus, he concluded they instead “focused on Plan B, intended to turn out in a way that at worst, the Yellows who now face being thrown to the dustbin of our history, their leaders Aquino and Abad jailed, would still have a role in national politics, and therefore a bargaining chip. In their best scenario, Robredo as vice president is to succeed the presumptive President Duterte within just two years into his term, when he is forced out of office by impeachment, with another “people-power” mob whipped up by the Yellows’ powerful media outlets – either that, or by an illness.”

If such brazen cheating went in full swing on the national level, the same moves were unquestionably executed here, giving impressions, the “Dagdag” (Addition) scheme was masterfully employed in Zamboanga. Have you given serious thought on the assumed ten thousand (10,000) additional votes to district one yellow bets, with exceptions to Councilor Elong Natividad and Chitong Saavedra?

It is highly logical, SS perceives.

And on the district one polls, the insight is “Bawas” (Deduction).

Friends called in yesterday upon reading my fb posts, saying in summary, “Jim, aquel scenario yan depict tu aserka el constant number del di tu anak at 8th spot, was indeed noticeable. Makaasusta quel. Si ya tupa Amarillo el ta sigui apiki cun Boday, sumpit lang quel ele para nueve (9). Dale kita gracias na Señor cay igual colorao el que sigue. Makamiedo. (Jim, the scenario you depicted on the permanence of your son on the No. 8 slot was noticeable. If it happened that a yellow bet was closely tailing Boday, he would have plummeted down to 9th at the wink of an eye. It was frightening. Let us give thanks to the Lord, for behind him was similarly from the red team. Frightful.)

* * * *

On the presidency, SSW had made known that his choices were among three (3) – Mar Roxas Jejomar Binay and Rodrigo Duterte. Now, SSW makes known his final choice, decided only when he was already on the voting desk holding a ballot and a pen. Although wanting at first to make sure, the elected president will run after Pres. BS Aquino III, but certain he will not win, and for reason that he acknowledges affinity to the Aranetas of Zamboanga because of his mother, Judy, SSW voted for Roxas.

Binay was ruled out believing he was badly battered by the black propaganda leveled against him by the Aquino camp, and stood no chance to win.

And not wanting to take the risk of possibly having a “dangerous” president due to his spur-of-the moment outbursts, and believing he was favored to win, Digong was relegated to the sides.

SS really can’t tell now, if indeed Duterte will turn out to be a danger to the country. It appears, now that he is elected, his ways have tapered. Statements tamed. He is noticed to be docile. Crying unabashedly before the grave of his mother - the tough guy image gone.

In addition, early as now, he is reported saying, he wants to visit the Vatican, not only to pay homage to the Pope but that he really needs to explain to the Pope and ask for forgiveness.

Could it have been that his amplified “canto boy” persona during the campaign days was simply a put on to rake in the votes, as he handily did?

Again in chabacano, “Let us to see