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Saturday, 14 May 2016 14:01




Los Angeles, CA. — She has extended her hand of reconciliation to her foes. We can never hope to be a happy city if our leaders continue to be hypocritical. In offering political peace, Mayor Ma. Beng G. Climaco-Salazar wasn’t making an hyperbole. She was being sincere in her gesture of unity, not the kind forged only during election campaigns. As said Harry S.Truman, “We believe in the unity of free men. We believe in the unity of great causes...” The mayor’s olive branch extended to hostile political groups is inspired only by her purposive political aspirations to embrace everybody, friend or foe, in a mitigated move to achieve absolute progress for a city long wanting for the best.

Councilor Percy Ramos made a terrible mistake in censuring the mayor’s request for wholesale approval of people-oriented infrastructure projects that would have generated jobs. The same absolute prerogative was given to the previous occupant of City Hall long ago. Mr. Ramos could have nailed his third term if he stayed quiet.  The resettlement issue was another. “There’s no crying for shed milk, that which is past cannot be recalled.” What a waste of talent.

We lost another good prospect — Victor “Catala” Liozo. His daydream after retiring from a distinguished career was to become a politician. He dazzled the crowds with his electrifying voice. He should have known better than to attack a lady. And, yes. We also lost a quality, honest man in Rey Candido. Vic and Rey were radio announcers in their younger days.

The last election should not have been played out the way it did had it not been for political greed, one of the sins that transiently brilliant politicians often commit. One unified, potent ticket would have been greatly beneficial to the city.  But, no. Someone had to play the role of a spoiler. To what end? The pompous campaign and high-faluting slogan of “unity and continuity” couldn’t stop the charge of the Yellow Army. Because of political disunity, the people - those who voted and didn’t - are the ultimate losers.

It’s time for the losers to swallow hard and accept the mayor’s hand of peace. Was fighting among friends worth it? Did the mudslinging, contempt, discourtesy that offended not only the protagonists but also that which questioned the intelligence of the voters, do any good for the general good?

So, on July 1, 2016, Senora Beng Climaco de Salazar will make an immortal speech. She doesn’t have to cry in the middle of the speech. She won for the first time without the help, the force, the domination, the money of the Lobregat Empire. She never had a political machinery to lean on in the past. Thus, she has proven that the Lobregat Empire was not invincible, after all. She ran a kinder campaign that distinguished her and her party from her predecessor’s.

In her second inaugural, she will focus on the positive gains her administration made while hampered by a deadly siege, two devastating floods, a refugee crisis, an economy that teetered on the brink of disaster, and an unfavorable city council.

The city has tremendously recovered from the debacles and is rising, fueled by a robust economy, promising tourism showcases and rapid infrastructure growth that generates employment and creates livelihood opportunities to pave the way for more investments.

The federation of commerce and industry should now get more involved,  when in the past the members were disengaged from an invigorating  socio-economic climate. Our irrepressible advance to progress is unstoppable, for the mayor’s road to success is paved only with good intentions. Her great uncle was a visionary. He fell short of making his dreams come true. She will make those dreams and aspirations come true.